5 comments on “Are There Lockdown Protests?

  1. Something else I was going to add. I’ve never actually smoked a cigarette (tobacco or weed) ever but I’ve enjoyed smoking all my life – hanging out with smokers (tobacco or weed) and inhaling that sweet second hand smoke. Then of course they had to ruin it even for us cheapskates. No more second hand smoke. The only silver lining here is with pot legalized people come to the park here behind the house to enjoy and exhale. So I can go up to them, chat them up and get my fix. Still I do miss the good old days when men were men, women were women, and cigarettes were cool and affordable. They say people died from the stuff. Maybe they did but in that case (as is the case for this pneumonia pandemic, why would ‘THEY’ go against it since THEY absolutely hate us and would rather see us all dead so THEY can keep everything for themselves? Why would they stop or kill anything profitable UNLESS THEY WERE REPLACING IT WITH SOMETHING EVEN MORE PROFITABLE? THEY only know how to lie, so why would THEY tell truth about this pan-panic? The MICE looked up and there was Ratigan making political promises and handing out vaccines. How could anyone not be impressed to tears with the decency, the love, the empathy of great minds like Master Vaxxer Gates and his coven of Doctors Mengele’s?

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    • I signed up for the new blog but I’m not getting anything from it. I’m currently up to my armpits in work (landscaping/gardening and spring can do that!) and I’m looking at over 150 emails asking for interaction, plus I’m “studying” a sci-fi concept by Peter Hamilton that’s calling for in-depth mind exploration. Then there’s my mind in 24/7 analysis of this pneumonia pandemic that frankly, the more it is talked about, the less sense it makes and I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE AGENDA IS, whether it’s from nature/the planet to drastically reduce man’s numbers – that has to happen soon, and it will be brutal; or whether it’s an elitist – vaxxer Gates and co “I need more billions so give ’em to me and fuck the dying kiddies” or just typical Earthian blind panic. So I’m a bit pushed at the moment, but if posts or comments come to me from the new blog, I’ll certainly look into that. Send me the elink again, please?

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