One comment on “Watch this quickly before it gets deleted: Dr. Ron Paul on COVID-19 Vaccines, Government Overreaction and The Importance Of RESISTING Tyranny

  1. COVID-19: another false flag. Another con of massive proportion. The problem is the sheep; the damn sheep who won’t take a shit unless their government or assorted authorities tell them how to do it, where to do it and what kind of toilet paper to use and how much. You know Lou, I believe we’re done. We’re beyond redemption as a species and really, what’s wrong with that? The Earthian species was a mistake and now nature has to correct it. If that means using the elites to kill off billions of mindless, useless, brain-dead bipeds before the elites themselves are wiped out that’s OK. My bags are packed in any case. I’ve accomplished what I came to do; I’m done. So no “warries” here. Take care, Lou.

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