3 comments on “Slumlord Capitalism vs Global Pandemic

  1. Brilliant article… which will find the label of “conspiracy theory” attached to it somehow. Why? Well, because it tells it like it is and that’s called the truth, and all truth is now conspiracy theory.


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    I am reblogging directly and deal with the annoying black background. Lou was supposed to fix that but so far… it’s still black… what’s with that, Lou?
    This is a brilliant article which, as I posted in a comment, will likely be labeled conspiracy theory. Why? Because it tells the truth and all truth is now de facto and officially a conspiracy.


  3. You have stated the problem quite well, but it tells nothing we didn’t already know. Capitalists will suck every dollar out of the wage-slaves’ pockets until they cannot afford to live, forget having somewhere to live. Real estate moguls are just a part of it. They are “rocksuckers,” they’ve already sucked our blood and now they are trying for our bone marrow.
    What good is it to point out the obvious if you are not going to offer a solution? The capitalists are in a weakened position right now, thanks to the C19 virus. They are having a cash flow problem. They are also having a worker problem. Being told to stay away from work is grinding the economy to a halt.
    IT IS TIME TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT! Stop paying your bills. Stop paying your rent. What are they going to do, turn off your water and electricity? Kick you out of your homes. They will try repossessing your cars and TVs, evict you from your homes, but that will not help them. Your neighbours will be in exactly the same position. Are the cops and army going to put you in the streets when they are going to be put in the streets too? Don’t play the victim!
    Take your buying power, whatever you have left, and keep it for food, and medicine. Learn how to barter, give away what you aren’t using in turn for things you need. Capitalism is ripe to be destroyed. We don’t know how long this opportunity will last. Jump through the open door. I can guarantee you have the power to create change! Use it while you can…


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