5 comments on “Lies, damned lies….and statistics

  1. Want some carefully extracted information? Try this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6226&v=E_gMT4_PDJI&feature=emb_logo
    My suspicion is that Big Pharma, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are the movers and shakers behind the lockdowns and the panic spreading. Money talks; big money talks loudest and big money always needs more big money. A single vaccine for COVID-19 is they can make one before the hoax collapsed could net these boys around 350 billion dollars. That’s just one vaccine for one pretend virus.

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  2. I’m inclined to agree we’re dealing with major data problems here. Not only are average death statistics not increased, but all deaths occurring with a positive coronavirus test (with most tests not being specific for COVID-19) being blamed on coronavirus when in most cases there was most likely some other cause of death. Here in NZ, the obsession with coronavirus is causing many people of all ages to receive shitty health care. I had one friend who nearly died of a treatable heart attack because he was left unattended while waiting for a stent to be inserted. And another who now has to go through radiation therapy and chemotherapy for rectal cancer because they made him wait more than 6 weeks for a diagnostic colonoscopy. People aren’t even allowed to see their GP face to face any more. Only virtual consultations are allowed – and low income people without Internet access are simply out of luck.

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      • I can see one of two possibilities: a) the multi-trillion dollar derivatives market was already collapsing and the coronavirus epidemic is being hyped to conceal the true causes of the economic collapse or b) the Deep State is using the coronavirus economic collapse to destroy Trump (whom they despise). I

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