10 comments on “Covid-19 has taken away bread and circuses, laying bare the true American empire

    • I re-copied this article on my blog as well. I do this with Lou’s posts because my readers don’t like the black background (and honestly, neither do I – raises hell with my glasses!

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      • That’s funny! I hadn’t thought about “dying from the virus”. According to stats and pundits every human being has contracted the corona virus at some point in their life and as we can see by the almost 8 billion number, most it seems survived it quite well. So this is a “new and improved” strain, and it is very likely that it was invented in some US biolab to be used against undesirables (Iran) and dangerous competitors (China). To get back to the point, I don’t think there’s any easy way to get rid of one’s body except maybe a fast acting killer drug that puts you to sleep first and you don’t wake up. Yes, the transition from incarnate to dis-incarnate is problematic – something else we need to fix if we insist we don’t want to live forever and under the conditions offered by this planet, who would?

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      • Or, instead of a War, this virus is another excuse to “reset” the capitalistic machine and flush it with money once again…because the house of cards was about to tumble.

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      • OMG Sha, thank the Gods that there are still plenty of good souls out there that see this invisible truth. What we see is not the real reality, right?

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      • I really don’t know, Lou. I spent over half my life attempting to sort the ‘real’ from the ‘not real’ or the imaginary. I learned that everything turns and turns and turns. What was real suddenly isn’t. You were “in love” forever and suddenly you are alone again. You knew you knew something was true and then you were confronted with a new idea and your reality changed… either that or you stuck to your outdated opinion and replaced awareness with faith… so many go that route. I mentioned love and faith, may as well finish it and talk about hope. Hope was a really big aspect of my life once upon a time. It sustained me when the world came crashing down and I did not have the resources to fight back. I made up other worlds and hoped that someday I could go there… then came the greater awakening and I threw out faith, hope and love… never looked back, well except for the inevitable maudlin memories. Now I know that I don’t know; that what claims to be “real” is anything but. Maybe we live in a simulation programmed by sadists. Maybe we are not even “human” but copies, androids or cyborgs with defective thought patterns and we trust ourselves when we shouldn’t. Maybe… and that’s final!

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