3 comments on “COVID-19: China Locked in Hybrid War with US March 18, 2020

  1. The Brit press is threatening total lock down so it will probably happen. The coronavirus bill will carry the emergency procedures for TWO years. Basically all our human rights will be suspended – we might as well be living under martial law. Some groups are trying to protest but against the flood of coronavirus hysteria they will certainly be ignored. The danger is things will be happening which we will not be allowed to know about or talk about. Any right to dispute with the powers will be finished. And will this happen worldwide? The NWO ushered in on this bug?

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    • I really would love to know that, but at this point in time this knowledge would kill us. The NWO did not count on guerilla resistance by the Netizens. That’s us. One heck of a large force. Global force. Get my drift?


      • The net is perhaps the most revolutionary invention in recent history. Oppressed people were easily silenced and had no platform. the metoo phenomenon is astonishing. – In numbers too big to ignore. But the manipulation on the web – you have to search through masses of guff and propaganda to find info on relevant issues, search engines often seem to deliberately frustrate, and as you mentioned before how free thinking blogs just disappear, are de-platformed. With the new Orwellian-speak it seems anyone can be taken down on the most trivial of reasons, even just by using language accurately and stating facts. there is a new oppression n’est-pas?

        (The library is still closed. My comment comes to you courtesy of my landlord who has just provided wi-fi to the entire house)


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