One comment on “First Contact? Something in Space is Sending Earth Signals Like Clockwork, Scientists Don’t Know Why

  1. Some people have been watching the movie “Contact” once too many times. When do we get the primer, then the plans for a space-travelling machine that makes use of “wormholes” to get us nowhere? I can see the scenario: 5 little green space kid aliens in their saucer are experimenting with some “borrowed” technology from their home planet. “All right guys, we’ve got, like, these really retarded types on the planet below. Let’s beam down some patterned gobbledygook signals and when they’re listening and getting all excited, let’s send a message in one of their languages, like, “Hey people, we are the Arkonians. We’ve been monitoring your planet for some time and we want to make a deal. We like human kid flesh, especially in our orgies which we have all the time. So give us a few thousands of your kids, you obviously have too many and you can always make more. Put them in open fields, about 500 at a time with this message facing up: Grakko Ni. That means “pick up here.” If you fail to reply, supply the kids, or get belligerent, we will vaporize your world – after we’ve picked up all the kids under 13 of your years. Got that? This is a donotreply message.” (Loud laughter and a great deal of head-butting aboard the saucer.)


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