4 comments on “This is How America Collapsed

  1. Not surprisingly, I suppose, I concur with George F. and thekeystonegirlblogs’ comments. The points are powerfully made but the article is too long and in serious need of editing for syntax and grammar. I would have reblogged but I would have felt the need to edit for clarity. I’d like to add that, IMO, America’s collapse, now fully underway and irreversible, is but the micro of the global macro. It’s capitalism that is collapsing and the entire world has fallen prey to that predatory concept. Therefore, civilization as a whole is irreversibly collapsing. I predict that no one, rich or poor, is going to enjoy man’s final ride down into an abyss that was always prophesied and even expected, if we remember the Y2K and other madnesses. The world didn’t end in the year 1000, nor in the year 2000 and it isn’t going to experience a singular overnight collapse this time either. Like the ice caps calving under the influence of climate change/global warming, nation after nation is going to go down. Rabid exploitation of finite resources and institutional corruption guarantees it.

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    • Agreed. A bit long, needs editing. But.,.I actually borrowed the phrase “crackpot capitalism” for use in my latest blog post…then I proceeded to write a post that was also too long and needs editing. I changed the phrase slightly to read “crackpot, crony capitalism” or something like that. I’ll take my ideas where I can find them. What’s more…I’ve been reading a lot about the Annunaki lately…as if once the concept entered my consciousness, I now see it everywhere.

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