One comment on “Joy of self-identification or social contagion? Why did trans become the trend

  1. Another overt sign that society is at its wits end? Transgender is primarily a state of mind, a “new” way of thinking about gender; an inner force that makes one better understand the other gender by identifying with it without relinquishing the one born with. It is meant to spell the end of misogyny and misandry. What is described in this article is false transgender, pure and simple but fits in with all other attempts by medical (money-based) science to redesign and control humanity for profit. Physically changing one’s base gender is not only a very serious step, it is a very stupid move because the changes will only be superficial no matter what is done and but for a few exceptions, those lives will be ruined. Who needs Guantanamo when individuals volunteer to spend their lives in torture?
    I am transgendered and I say this from experience. When I had the chance to change my physical gender identity I chose not to. Instead of surgical intervention we should be encouraging the cosmetic aspect such as cross-dressing, makeup, hairstyles. If you want to look like a girl, you should be respected for that and same if you want to look like a boy. If you want to experience being in love, you should be encouraged to do so with anyone, absolutely anyone, you and he, or she, wants to be with you. Problem resolved. The issue here is medical intervention: that should be as seriously controlled as is euthanasia for in many cases the surgically/chemically “trans” will commit suicide when they realize they made a fatal wrong choice.

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