2 comments on “No Help for the Homeless, Please!

  1. Let this happen and become acceptable and the next acceptable solution will be euthanasia, SS style. I would not put either past the current administration nor a vast majority of ignorant Americans who can only understand very loud propaganda. Consequences? No MAGA hatter would know what that word means.


  2. Presumably, Trump is thinking of a program to move the homeless on, and keep them moving via a horde of newly recruited cops. Sorry, this was tried during the 19th and early 20th centuries in many countries – it did not work. Nothing worked until social changes were instituted. Trump has come up with the idea of forcing the states to fund more shelters for the homeless that will clearly be designed to be very ‘uncomfortable’. This was tried in Britain 200 years ago and they called them Workhouses, where you worked (breaking rocks) for your bed. The workhouses housed 15 percent of the homeless but cost a fortune to run. Think again Mr Trump.

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