3 comments on “Celebriphilia epidemic sweeps US: Forget knowledge and wisdom, get guidance from the stars

  1. He should stick to worship of celebrities which he seems qualified for and forget making off the cuff comments about a reality he obviously knows little or nothing about. But hey, fun reading. By the way Lou, I read most of your posts, I just don’t have time to respond to them due to my own blog having risen in “popularity” and demanding attention… that’s it, that’s my excuse and I’ll stand by it!

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    • This interesting comment arrived in my inbox today. Then I sent my thoughts about it to a friend below.

      ‘‘Instead of finding a way out of the labyrinth, I’d pick up a sledgehammer and break out of it. It’s my priority. After my death, I will manifest me a portal into my own empty void space, and leave this universal matrix system for good.

      I would like to share a perspective you might be interested in. In this reality, we have two minds. One is the conscious mind which interacts with the physical world. The other the subconscious mind that is ‘connected’ to the soul implants in us. The controllers of this system use the soul implants to influence or manipulate people on a subconscious level, the easier targets being drug addicts emotionally depressed people.

      In truth, we don’t really need a soul, for a soul is a form of energy complex and we are not souls ourselves. We are purely conscious awareness that can create energy, construct our very own universes, and even take on any form we want. In this reality, we are constricted from using the creative potential and a being called ‘Lucifer’ is in control. That’s why the people in power have been worshipping him for their status.’’


      My replies:

      Except Lucifer and others are no longer in control, they’ve all left apparently. The Awakening is accelerating

      And by the way. I’m not saying I totally agree with what the commenter above is saying. In universe/realm reality creation, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, like a spiritual dojo, or a more physical place where spirit consciousness can hang out and interact experiencing more physicality. In and of itself I don’t see that as being a bad thing. And the soul and soul families might just be part of that infrastructure. But of course the trouble seems to be , a bad infection (AI maybe) and reptilian Draco happened here and things went wrong the last few thousand years . And the soul does seem to have been converted to a memory wiping enslavement implant. But the soul capturing memory wiping apparatus on the Moon has been stopped as of 2013 apparently according to Thomas Williams of THI. Which is good news.


  2. Correction, the “people in power” do not worship Lucifer, that is one of their lies to maintain their demonization of the great freedom fighter. They worship Satan, many under the tutelage of the Reptilian god Yahweh who is to Draco what Sauron was to Morgoth (Tolkien) Behind Draco are the Time Lords who imposed time and awareness of space as control mechanisms over the entire universe. Lucifer has withdrawn but she is not dead. What her plans are for the future of this solar system, if it has any future, that I do not know. Let’s not forget that Lucifer means ‘bearer of light’ (NOT morning star) and the powers fear and hate anyone who brings light into their imposed darkness.


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