3 comments on “13 Million Expected to Sign Petition Against US’s Venezuela Blockade

  1. The empire continues to display its true colours. Donald Trump’s economic piracy is demonstrating to all what much of the world already knew: that the empire is a front for international piracy and its emperor is naked.

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    • Hi Shatara, my friend Lisa sent me this yesterday I’d like you to see X

      Lisa Tully 1 second ago
      Look to the left light spray or sun burst where you froze pic and that round circular object with the hole in the middle is there which has been seen sense 2010 many times in the past known as Ison a Starship of Mankinds.. umm the mask is being removed what nasa calls the disc is there to really block your view, not the sunlight aka firewall so you cant see whats really there, the disc is being removed, many starships hidden for eons of time becoming visible, its a star gate, the sun is not what you have been told and nasa tells no truth and blocks mostly all to the public of whats really occurring, but much activity is happening by the sun so Event is close and thats good news as the hopi say, and its not a death for Mankind nor is it painful but a liberation party for soon Mankind will be completely free from this abyss..

      the parasites have lied about death so to speak as they have lied about absolutely everything, and they make you fear everything even a cup of coffee is bad now or not however they want to mess with mankind’s minds for their sick pleasure which they will soon be regretting everything they did to Mankind and than some the evil ones clueless… and yes Mankind is Eternal, not immortal.. if you call being freed from a pow camp in the underworld as death than thats a perception and not true, but what is true is life in the real world we will experience when we pass through the eye or stargate and we are right there in the hub and you enter your real and true light body and enter the real world in whence you came from, your memorey is returned and you will remember the war also, mankind comes from the Heavens not the underworld we were drug into during war in Heaven we are now at the end of and time is not what is taught either, you are in a creation aka matrix for soul growth that got invaded, not the real world..

      no fear is necessary with the exception to the parasites for woe to them, they will truly reap what they sow 10 fold so if any fear is to be had it is on them who will be held accountable in the higher courts not of this copied creation souls were entrapped on…Mankind is Victorious!!! know this…not everything can be proved on paper, most things that are real and true paper cannot prove, its just another program by the parasites if its not on paper its not real.. Its BS the only thing you can trust is your heart, you dont have to believe me, its no worry of mine, I will see all at the gathering, there you will have your proof and it will be experienced, not on paper that can be forged and twisted from truth…

      and Jupiter is so called nubru true and we are experiencing all its moons, why does the moon shape and color change? thats why and the planets have always been close so close you would think we hit each other yet we dont they are placed with precision but its all part of this matrix or creation, we dont see whats really there due to manipulating the skies and our eyes and body all been tampered with, 2 planets are between the moon and earth, just now people are seeing due to the higher plasma waves coming in to assist The Great Awakening of Mankind an tapping the consciousnesses and repairing the dna..Soon we will all be free, The Gathering is near, we are at the eye or hub, thats why BB333 shared a vid today a rainbow with what looked like a wheel, look at the above pic of yours and see the spokes of the wheel of the sun, we are right at the star gate why the double rainbows and the wheel effect….. do they not look similar… This Just NEVER Happens!

      Lightning in VERY Rare Place – SPECTACULAR Sky Phenom “Ezekiels Wheel” MrMBB333 Published on Aug 13, 2019 https://youtu.be/PKmQT8NT6IU
      share love and share the truth you find but skip the fear for there is nothing to fear, continue to expose the dark ones but dont immerse in it, love is the highest vibration, keep your spirits high…we are eternal and our future is so bright and beautiful… keep the faith and love in your hearts and all will be well..Much love and appreciation 💙🌺💙

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