6 comments on “Politics and Pedophilia: a Demonic Mix

    • ‘ Tuatha Da Danaan. Hyperborea came later. Atlantis was a ship that crashed. Red Haired white jews very tall, very handsome, red or blond hair, blue, grey or green eyes, definitely not the features of today’s sephardic semitic jews or ashkenazi jews.150,000 years ago things began to get really bad, kick off bad.

      Anonymous13 May 2018 at 03:49
      Curious your mentioning 16-17th century correlates with the jewish rabbi Sabbatai in Turkey converting to islam. Sufism adopted the Quran, now called the mystical branch of islam and very popular at one time in the USA/West. The Quran states that forming sects, separate branches of islam is not to be done. Shiites formed by jews, waiting for Ali, Wahhabi islam formed by Wahab who faked his genealogy as being islamic, totally differen quran interpretation than the translated into dutch one i read.

      I already knew Free Masonry existed since Babylonian times and a brotherhood of the snake once for good/light, turned evil/dark. Sounds as if crypto jews have infiltrated everywhere, perhaps including into judaism. As khazarian history refers to Red Haired white jews very tall, very handsome, red or blond hair, blue, grey or green eyes, definitely not the features of today’s sephardic semitic jews or ashkenazi jews.

      Although there are some redheads in there. The description sounds more like that of the Tuatha de Danann, the redheaded white people that were in New Zealand before the Maori arrived, giants, or the red haired giants in America, genocided by native americans or one tribe. In the Grand Canyon egyptian?? artifacts were found or did those belong to those redhaired white giants.

      Egypt a later construct, indigenous now people not there before. God Thoth, King Tut, a people where Tuatha derives from, ancient artifacts now said to be Egyptian possibly from a people before, whose existence were hidden from us on purpose. The Smithsonian claims to have lost all the skeletons found given to them. So perhaps getting aggrivated about jews muslims, hindus etc. is how we get tricked into not exposing the true culprits. Jewish women moved into China, then married chinese men of importance and had their jewish sons with chinese surnames move up into politics. They also tried to claim the irish descended from jews, through the Tea-Tephi myth, now fully debunked.

      That native americans descended from them, Gauls, Germans, people from Norway etc. etc. It is surprising how these current hyped DNA tests to find ancestry always seem to come up with a percentage of jewish ancestry. Those tests are rubbish, only 20 generations past we each have 1 million ancestors and many of those disappear in those tests. Surprisingly Israel won the Eurovision songfestival, so that next year it will be held not in Tel Aviv but Jerusalem, now capital of Israel. I cannot help but wonder if this was all manipulated.Possibly coming from India you must know nuclear wars did indeed rage in those Middle Eastern areas. Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita.

      ISunken land of Krishna found and also hidden from whatever discovered there. Tamil also refer to sunken land, some western person called Lemuria after Lemurs living on Madagaskar. A landbridge built by a monkeypeople called Adam’s bridge, now under water also interesting. Building seen on indian artwork We humans have been on this planet for millions of years yet have little knowledge about our history I recently learned about the sunken Doggerland connecting the Netherlands/Europe with Great Britain. And then there was Hyperborea where perhaps we all came from.

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    • Apparently the film Jupiter Ascending, the Ibraxa or whatever the ‘elite’ bloodline is called. I’ve heard on Thomas Williams show recently that this is all very real, and an example of ruthless Machiavellian Draco reptilian base base base energy domination low frequency behaviour. Factions happening.

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