4 comments on “NASA Has Just Discovered a New Planet Unlike Any in Our Solar System

  1. Intergalactic explorer’s extraordinary meeting: “Ok listen up everybody, we got news. Those pesky Earthians from you know where have sent out another of their ridiculous probes looking for us. We need to distract them again without shooting down their silly probe – they’d be all over that. Suggestions?
    That probe’s looking for habitable worlds, I mean habitable from their limited viewpoint. Why don’t we drag something they’d think of as habitable, or close to, right in the path of their probe?
    OK, can be done. Do we have a contender?
    X28X has been abandoned for some time now since we don’t do landfill anymore, why not give them a landfill “planet” to study? They love garbage… Agreement? Yes, thank you all. Done deal.


    • A scientist working with crystals in a past Atlantian life

      ” John Soulman on April 18, 2019 at 5:14 pm Reply
      Greetings Douglas,
      Nice story . would it interest you to know that in a past Atlantian life . i was a scientist who worked with crystals . in this life have a great affinity to them . having many crystals around my home . prior to Atlantis i was involved in the seeding of Lemuria . i was a scientist who was involved in the research – development of life forms . to determine the optimum form for regenerating human life on planet Terra (Earth) . after the last cycle ! . ‘’

      see http://www.spiritus.com.au

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