2 comments on “America’s Homeless Working Poor, Film and Review

  1. Should we “feel sorry” for Americans who are going down? How many decades has it been that America, aided and abetted by its military, has been doing this to Third Word nations overtly and blatantly when it wasn’t killing them by the millions with weapons of mass destruction? Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, now Somalia and the Middle East? How many “regime change” has the CIA orchestrated in which tens of thousands of innocents died, either from war or from “sanctions”? For someone who has helplessly watched this travesty of “exporting democracy” for a lifetime of over 70 years now, how can the downfall of America by whatever method, not be good news? I cannot feel sorry for Americans who lived the good life while drinking the blood of those suppressed by America’s corporate sector. This is the price, the consequences, of false belief and total lack of empathy. This is the result of wanting to live in an exceptional empire. This was a choice. You wanted to be the ones calling all the tunes, Americans, now it’s your turn to pay the piper.

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  2. Thanks for reposting, Lou. I find the whole working homeless situation so disgusting it makes me sick to my stomach. We thought things were bad in Dickens’ time, but at least early factory workers had rat infested tenements to live in.

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