One comment on “Peace Is About To Be Taken From The Earth, And World War 3 Could Literally Start At Any Moment

  1. Good update for me as don’t watch TV, read western fake and pretend news or do fakebook. So, this helps with getting a perspective. The “interesting” aspect of such news is that the more WWIII approaches, the more I hear cheering in the streets of Americanada and Britain. Such is the glorious and patriotic level of ignorance Western capitalistic nations have achieved. A war in Europe is good for the economy ignorant Canadian red necks said in the 50’s. A war in the Middle East is great for the economy, reiterate the new batch of rednecks today. How many Americans still call their firearms peace makers? Your cartoon here says of an aging, homeless and shabby Uncle Sam, “WILL DESTROY THE WORLD FOR MONEY.” Clearly and plainly stated, and it’s the absolute truth.

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