5 comments on “Canada’s failed populist (Ford): A cautionary tale

  1. Excellent analysis … thank you! As a U.S. citizen, I was aware of Ford’s election for many of my Canadian friends were devastated, but I had not kept up with the situation since. Your post has enlightened me, and also given me hope that, if Canadians are getting fed up with Ford, then there is hope that U.S. citizens will be properly fed up with Trump by November 2020. Sha’Tara recommended this post to me, and I see some intriguing titles of other posts, so I will follow your blog.

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  2. Andrew Mitrovica is wrong. The former Liberal Government, of the last 15 years, has our Province of Ontario in so much debt that Primer Ford has a monumental problem to solve. Sure his ratings are low at the moment but the largess of the former government was so extensive, he was bound to step on toes. He’s the only political representative that I can call on the phone and talk to. Not only that he will address my problem. As for the cuts to education, the number of students is declining but the cost keep going up – explain that. As for healthcare – having working in the healthcare system I have seen the waste that goes on there. When he has gone too far he listens and makes amends. Ford is just what Ontario needs to pull us out of this mess.

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