5 comments on “Axing America’s Android: Huawei files to trademark own mobile operating system worldwide

  1. Capitalism suddenly doesn’t look so good when faced with real competition. What happened to ‘free enterprise’? Of course, silly me, it always meant, free from restraint and responsibility; free from taxes; free to exploit; free to steal, plunder, and when necessary, to kill. That was what ‘free enterprise’ meant. How could I have forgotten that lesson!

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  2. Hopefully, with the elevated frequencies and the ejection of thousands of dark djinn (demons) as explained by Thomas Williams a couple of times recently, Humanity can get a grip on themselves and proceed quickly and effectively with the removal of the deep state puppets and psychopaths.

    Wailing Wall, Jerusalem
    We are so used to seeing violence and repeated acts of war in the Middle East, but the removal of the djinn from the wailing wall in Jerusalem should make a difference. Thomas reported that evil spirits within it were infecting those who visited the wall. http://www.starshipearththebigpicture.com/2019/06/15/headlines-and-updates-for-june-15-2019-happy-dads-day-to-all-the-papas-out-there-videos/


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