6 comments on “Seattle is Dying (60 min)

  1. Good documentary. Just this evening I was asked to accompany a neighbour distraught about homeless addicts moving into the public park behind our subdivision. I went down to observe, take pictures, think about what to do next. The neighbour, not the wisest person, challenged the addicts and tried to get them to move away, despite my warning that it was a bad move. She was frustrated because the cops promise to help but as in this Seattle video, are just as hamstrung. Our own city police, and neighbouring city law enforcement are not getting the backing from local government. One city has been found guilty of paying for buses and taxis to take addicts out of their city to ours! These days it seems our governments, from federal down to city level, aren’t interested in finding solutions to rising problems, be they drug-induced homelessness and attendant crime or climate change. All they seem to care about is increasing the tax-paying population and making it easier for developers and resource extractors to make greater profits. They’re caught on a dying treadmill of outdated modes of operation, unwilling to consider change because change means sacrifices and loss of monetary profits, or so they are convinced.

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    • Yes, addictions are the symptom of a sick system, but the root cause , I believe, is untreated mental illness. Many of these people should be in a treatment program, not the streets.


      • Agreed, however as soon as you mention ‘treatment program’ you’re practically labeled a fascist who wants to force people into incarceration for life. I sure wish someone would explain to me how else you can help these people…

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      • Perhaps… though I think he’s too narrow in his analysis of addiction and of course proposing the ayahuasca drug as some sort of cure is but a trade-off. The solution, if there is one, is to not make oneself into an addict in the first place; to take responsibility for one’s life, regardless of its condition, and the entire concept of economics through predatory capitalism (is there any other kind?) needs to be ditched and replaced with proper representative and participatory ‘socialism’ that benefits everyone equally or nearly so. There will of course always be those who would take advantage of such a system and those would have to be strictly censured. Bottom line, considering where we are at as a society, everyone needs to realize that the only positive way forward is through strict self-discipline… I think I just swore, didn’t I?

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