One comment on “Make NASA great again: Trump announces $1.6bn in new funding for Moon and Mars conquest

  1. F’n certifiable madmen! How much more of stolen natural resources are going to be extracted to pay for this insanity? How much more infrastructure decadence will bring down cities and towns in the US proper to accommodate the growing debt? How many more wars entered into? But that’s not the main concern, and that’s the real laugh: no manned Earthian ship is going to be permitted to leave Earth’s inner space – the Earthians are a disease which those who control outer space aren’t about to let loose into the galaxy proper. Interesting I find how they talk about “putting man on the moon” as if it had never happened before… and for once they’re telling the truth: the 1969-1970 moon landings were all hoaxes of massive proportion by NASA in collusion with Hollywood and the Soviet space program were in on it. The US would get their moment of front page news and the Soviets would control Earth’s inner space for the decades to come.

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