6 comments on “The Day Australian Freedom Died: David Icke Banned from Entering the Country

      • Interestig you should say this, Because Oasis I think, were natural working class guys from Manchhester that achived greatness and I don’t say this in any celebrity worship type sense. . But simply, they were damned good from 1995 to 2000, and as an Oasis fan, I like their other subsequent stuff too like hindu times and mucn more, But im only an awakened oasis fan m since summer 2018. I heard their music, was knoced out, .

        Mind you Lou. Now this recenecy of the 19th century cataclysms and Tartaria erasure. And how now, so many of entertaibemebt media, MI5, kosher nostra, transgeners. celebrities. Are transgenders and birthed from cloning centres , This awful conspiracyis vast. Coming to the point, Are the Gallaghers Oasis actually crypto jews and Agents, and so called bloodlines. And is the Oasis Liam situation now. All a sad aituation?

        Im sad Since I like and have sensed Liam Gallagher to be real, very real genuine guy, Could Liam and Noel be part of th Kosher Nostra as well? Energy vamipres leading us astray? Im very sad is this is so Oasis are good.


      • A Facebook conversation exchange recently on Oasis.

        John noels a sellout imo
        Russell brands his buddy

        Adam Spiritualwarrior John Yes I agree, and Liam has said this. Perhaps at the time when that Oasis video got made, Noel was a genuine awakening truthseeker. Maybe Russell Brand is a ”cool” , ”celebrity”, MI5 agent to try to convert genuinely talented rising stars, into the evil fold. Or if not convert them, heavily influence them and control them because any genuine talent with a following is potentially dangerous to the cabal. Or, he could have sold out totally. I even think that the cabal stop at nothing, and Liam has said a few times that his brothers wife is a ”witch”. So I think theres all sorts of hidden pressures going on. Ive given it a bit of thought wondering, are Liam and Noel bloodlines, and their rise from working class obscurity was staged. Like so many other illusions in the music industry, the Beatles and Rolling Stones being one. SO far, I don’t think this applies to Oasis. Liam Gallagher seems very genuine to me and speaks his mind, often in amusing ways .


      • Adam The million dollar question is……where did this evil infection come from and when? And I think now it was as recent as 200 years ago and all the Rpyal Societies backslapping and closed groups like this, on Science, History, Archaeology. And now Media and Entertainment. Its very easy to manufacture fake history, chronology, false historical ecidence to hide your tracks and hide how recently you’ve come on the scene. I now view the British in India, the Empire, very differently now. Any fantastic buildings in India including the Bombay gate thing like the arc de triomphe. Plus the Taj Mahal. Was the worldwide tartaria arian Scythian free energy civilisation. These are imposters here now. Who they are and whwre they came from, and what happened in the 1800s really. Is a very interesting question im on the case of.


      • ”And lastly we have the “Bedford Magazine Explosion”, pictured below, that occurs on July 18, 1945. There are many others episodes, which Wikipedia treats as minor, such as battles between submarines and destroyers in the region, typical of a great battle that precedes the taking and total destruction of a gigantic star-fortress. It is possible that Canada passed into the orbit of the Gray Men only in 1945.

        It is also possible that events of the so-called World War II, and the men in power related to it, are the key to the Lying Official History. And without a doubt, the conservation of “citadels” as “Cultural Heritage Site” is part of the cynical commemorative landmarks of the Victory of the Grey Men. As well as Thanksgiving and the Passover that celebrates the massacre of the Native Americans Tartarians and the Egyptians Tartarians and the subsequent occupation and theft of their lands.

        And by chance, the man who led the fate of Canada from 1917 to 1942 was named Edgar Nelson Rhodes and was a member of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada. It is highly probable that Edgar Rhodes and Cecil Rhodes are the same person. Occupying the power of nations for 30 years is the common story to all the great agents of the Gray Men in power. And looking cold and ruthless is the same.

        But I need to thank the excellent YouTube Channel Conspiracy-R-Us for the remembrance of the episode about the explosion in Halifax. His voice reminds me of the late MrE, who brilliantly exposed with his songs and laughter, in hundreds of videos, the lying elite hermaphrodite that rules the poor Earth.”


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