7 comments on “Witnessing the Apocalypse: The Truth May Scare You (10 min)

  1. whitewave said:
    I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. Are you implying you died in 2013?

    Adamspiritualwarrior said: No. I actually did have my first red pill that year though, when all the dominoes started falling. So in that sense it was kind of like being born again.
    But what I was referring to was, on the THI Thomas Williams show all sorts of things get discussed.
    Its become clear that there has been some interdimensional electromagnetic soul memory wiping technology in the astral or other realms up there, the Moon has been involved. And that’s why apart from a few instances, everyones memories get wiped between lives and that’s why death has held sadness and fear for some.
    Im stil to listen to the must listen shows on the THI site. Humanity unplugged. Factions show. From Russia With Love. But the other week I asked a question in the THI group, is the memory wiping still happening? A fellow member replied for me said no, it was stoped in 2013. I then submitted that same question for the weekly Q&A on Thomas’ show. The other week he answered it, so ive had it confirmed twice now. Memory wiping stopped in 2013. So this means the amy adams film Arrival becomes relevant. And Also means we should start noticing in the new generation, more and more children remembering previous lives and loved ones.

    He said, I think, its something to do with the Mobius time loop. Time has always looped back in a cycle, but the Mobius loop is now broken and 2 versions of earth are going to go their separate ways now. Call it dimensional splitting or something, theyre going to get farther and farther apart. I may have some details wrong in recollection and I haven’t listened to the must listen shows yet.



  2. adamspiritualwarrior says:
    February 18, 2019 at 8:35 AM

    ”Ive heard read from places that these changes are being guided as gently as possible by hyperdimensional forces, stabilising how they can. But that the times coming living on the current coastlines will no longer be an option. But I think new landmasses will be appearing too. The last cataclysm , my instinct tells me wasn’t natural but caused by people, so called gods small g pretending to be something more but yes thy have had the technologies to do amazing things. Because its just too suspicious how Europe seemed to be relatively unscathed compared to the rest of the world last time. And then how convenient, the british east india company and other colonisers took over and carved up the spoils. Its all a bit too convenient for me that’s why i think the last cataclysm and all these ”resets” are done by bad interdimensional beings who then direct evil on the surface through evil shells.
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    The question is….are things any different this time around, has there been some kind of power shift in the other realms up there?”



    • Couple of points come to mind. I agree that some historical events re: European and American empires are just too damned convenient and all happening at about the same time with the same drive. As to coastlines inhabitants, it possible that the huge Antarctica continent will become a moderate zone and inhabitable for some years – just a thought. Make no mistakes, there are powerful and definitely anti-life evil forces driving planetary movements. Billions of benighted brainwashed people worship these entities, some of which we know locally as Allah, Jehovah and Satan. This claim makes the sophisticates who believe in Darwinism laugh, but they will not have the last laugh.

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      • Call me naïve but. I really get the powerful feeling energy inside that we are really making headway, things are not like before , the situation has changed nd breaking out from old patterns loops, and good times lie ahead for us all stepping into our own power and being aligned with higher selves, is key to this. I sense optimistic energy.


      • adamspiritualwarrior says:
        February 18, 2019 at 4:11 PM
        Amy Adams’ ”Junk” DNA getting activated in the film the Arrival
        Adam I’ve noticed Amy Adams’ beauty in quite a few films now. Very nice strawberry blonde bordering on redhead with real loveliness. Arrival was a very good film.

        Elaine: Amy Adams is a great actress. I also love Jessica Chastain, I don’t even have to know the title of the movie, if Jessica’s in it, I watch it. Check out, Miss Sloane.

        Adam Elaine: Yes, even though I thought the film was nonsense and I don’t care for meryl streep expecially in that perfomnce. Leaving aside the silly film. I sat through it Julia and Julia because Amy Adams was so lovely, nice. I will check out Jessica Chastain Miss Sloane. But I got onto the topic of Amy Adams Elaine because of nthe film Arrival. Which ignore its ”alien” storyline, Its about what happens to amy adams towards the end of the film. At first I assumed this was some bog standard crap alien ufo film but its not.

        Its about the changes that happen to amy adams and she starts having her junk DNA activated , she senses not only her past lives but also her future too, and the future of others, and the future of herself and of the child she will have. This is what all of the End Times situation is all about, the dimensions now bleeding into each other now the quarantine is breaking down.
        And I don’t sense Elaine, this time, its business as usual. I think we are in unchartered territory and the memory wiping has stopped, the mobious Time loop technology time looping back into itself has been broken. The so called elites pretend to be n control, but since 2012 and 2013 they aren’t
        We just need to pick up our own power, sovereignty, not give our energy away to anyone or anything, Take a clear stand against SRA and evil and voice it. And we are going to be on the higher frequency strand of the split Mobious loop. Where we start seeing a beautiful new civilisation birthing, and no more memory wiping, and longer lifespans anyway, and no memory wiping anymore anyway. No more reincarnation looping trap. We are at the end of all this bullshit.



      • Have I done enough, Shatara? Am I doing enough? I don’t go into hardcore zoning out meditation disciplined states. I do listen to howling wind white noise on youtube 12 hr videos to zone out, or 428Hz or other sounds. I am trying to connect with my higher self. But lack intense laser like focussed discipline some others have to achieve this. I just want to live and be happy yet too, I have a higher yearning for understanding and connection and union. And inner Peace.

        adamspiritualwarrior says:
        February 18, 2019 at 4:48 PM
        Randy Maugans Adam :
        As you may know, I am friends with Thomas Williams and we work together on shows from time to time. A couple of points about soul wipng, recycling:
        *Not all souls were wiped. Many do come in with some sense of intact memories, these usually have a high sense of mission for their lives.
        *While I hope the memory wipes have stopped, I have no direct knowledge they have aside from what Thomas announced.
        *Our present consciousness is a split awareness that holds limited data, and is focused on the present stream in space-time. Other aspects of ourselves exist which are components of us that hold other key data. All is connected to an Oversoul/Higher Self which is close to Source knowledge.
        It is, in some cases, not desirable, or practical, to have full recall. We can and do connect to this extended data set on an as-needed basis if we practice a mindful spirituality and connections to our aspects.
        The energies now present are enabling this on increasing levels as we move into the mental planes in meditation and dream time. Most humans are still dwelling in the lower astral, and remain “stuck”. These souls, regardless of the memory wipe bans, remain in outcomes that will not be indusive to the next step forward.
        So, to summarize: regardless of whether memory wipes are running or not, humans have had options. This is work on oneself that has always enabled souls to bypass the past life memory wiping. In the past, certain spiritual figures, avatars, Christed Ones, and Yogis came forth as wayshowers. Generally, they were either worshipped, martyred, or both. We are now at the stage when this is available to all who are insouled being, and who do the work.
        Just my understanding of what that all means.



      • Quote: “Have I done enough, Shatara? Am I doing enough?” Only you can be the judge of that. I strongly suspect that all of us have the capacity to do much more than we are doing, but it’s like driving the freeway: there is a speed limit. We are bound by Earthian standards limitations an by our bodies’ needs and condition. I read recently from a blogger that if you are doing the best that you know how in the present moment, then that is enough. I think that is true. If we exceed our best, we start to make mistakes that can cost us or others dearly.

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