One comment on “Finian CUNNINGHAM: Germany Pulls Rank on Macron and American Energy Blackmail

  1. The 19th century Mudflood cataclysm including who, what, Napoleon really was and whats been rammed down our throats as regards history official versions of wars reasons for wars. I think weve been lied to including the ”Napoleonic” wars and Crimea War 1854-1856. I thought it was some minor skirmish , war, battle over territory and resources. I now see it as the 1st world war and much more was going on, parasite mysterious entities came on the scene and saw an opportunity in a moneyless, harmonious, content, it seems, no central bank, higher minded. wprldwide Arian Tartarian Scythian free energy empire. WW2 was actually the third world war, look how the bombings decimated germany, for more proof. Isnt it weird how we have all these billionaires now and bloodline families?

    The 19th century Mudflood cataclysm is a smoking gun pointing to the perpetrators here now for a few reasons
    – Evidence of these buildings still here but with giveaway etheric energy harvesting technology stripped , with their special geopolymer concrete that gets stronger with time, not weaker. Unless its demolished that is.
    – Ecidence of motive. Look at the oil industry. Look at the 1913 federal reserve . Evidence of whats going on in this world, and joining the dots to what surely was going on in paris or Buenos Aires or Hawaii or San Francisco or St Petersburg or Singapore or Sydney 400 years ago. Or Chicago. What was going on was the untapped opportunity for evil evil beings. Subhumans in human shells. BTW the Russian revolution wasn’t hust a Rothschild et al orchestrated evil extermination operation. No. Chinas revolution and Mao Tse Tung too. was a Rothschild and another takeover to destroy the worldwide harmpnoius free energy civilisation.
    – I think as well we used to have a MEDITERRANEAN CLIMATE EVERYWHERE and cities were everywhere and towns were everywhere and a very decentraised, peaceful. Atlantean, moneyless, interdimensional etheric energy aether harvesting, amazing civilisation ecisted here for a long long time encompassing all sorts of cultures, like a mother loves all her different children. It was a broad chirch loose umbrealla, but unified by truth of physics and free with mo money and no evil and people got on with their lives.

    SO what happened? The Talmud and Quran and Bible and religons and fake history and distorting time periods, Its conceivable these things have been dreamed up in the 19th century who knows? Weve been lied to about everything else. How hard can it be for evil men to falsify history and then enforce teach it ram it down the next genertions throats?

    The question is who and where did this evil infection infestation come from and for that, the answer I think lies interdimensionally.


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