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    • Heres another one
      I don’t even know what the term and culture of ‘British’ means anymore. It’s almost like a manufactured recent culture pretending to be ancient. One indvidual who comes to mind in all this: David Cameron. Family involved in the British East India company. Chartered Standard Bank. Jewish, Levitra, maternal family line. And virtually everyone else in prominent positions are the Kosher Nostra , but crypto hidden. Therefore. The million dollar question is. If Worldwide Arian Tartaria civilisation is real and ruthlessly destroyed and scrubbed. Where did the attackers come from 200 years ago and who are they? It seems like some kind of infection of evil came out of nowhere and used advanced technology and created a worldwide Mudflood that paralysed thecTartaria civilisation and then in the 19th century they seriously set about carving up and rewriting history and needed WW1 and WW2 to more fully eradicate reformat reality and history and the Russian Revolution too. Weird. Just who, what are these ‘people’ in Whitehall today?

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    • Should have sent this one first
      I’m now beginning to wonder about the Commonwealth and ‘British Empire’ and wonder if all the things the British were supposed to have built in India, magnificent palaces etc , weren’t. And actually built by Tarartaria Civilisation . And the ‘British’ as a result of 18th and 19th century mayhem where history has been scrubbed and lies. Claimed credit for what’s in India. Plus as well there are more ancient Tartarian like Vedic free energy structures too. THE TAJ MAHAL WASNT A TOMB TO A LOST LOVE but instead a free energy generator building.


    • ”400 year old maps do not really have deserts anywhere in the world. I’m inclined to think that african transformation is a humanoid caused cataclysm. Close examination of the surface via Google earth shows multiple circular craters. The shape somewhat eliminates an idea of an asteroid type damages.
      The other part is where the mountains of fine sand came from. Scientific explanation is pretty funny if you look it up.
      And as far as archeological discoveries go. Sahara has multiple cities buried under these mountains of sand. A simple overlay of the older maps over current ones will show where thry are at. Do archeologists look for those cities? Clearly they are not. They do not need any star shaped fortifications dug out from underneath a “million year old” mountain of sand.”


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    • ” 432Hz is really good as is 728Hz. 728Hz actually counteracts the negative affects of 528hz. There are many great frequencies, but 528hz divides our consciousness. My feeling is that ‘the miracles’ that happen because of this frequency are mind-matrix or god – matrix events, and not Soul-events.”

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    • ”There was also more than one form of coelbren, one of which we now call ogham. These are not “Celtic”, there was no such thing as Celtic. Total myth created in the 1800s to fill a hole caused by hiding the other groups. A modern term and idea and part of the great misdirection.”
      There were several types of alphabet used on this base language depending on the part of the world you were in and the time period. Coelbren was one of the earliest and was used for trade throughout the British isles, Mediterranean, Turkey, and North America all the way through China. There was also more than one form of coelbren, one of which we now call ogham. These are not “Celtic”, there was no such thing as Celtic. Total myth created in the 1800s to fill a hole caused by hiding the other groups. A modern term and idea and part of the great misdirection.

      In the above Alan Wilson link he mentions the “Cimmerians” using coelbren. Cimmerians are the same word as Sumerians. Pretty obvious if you just say them out loud. All forms of Coelbren can be read omnidirectionally as can it’s cousin Cuneiform. They can both be translated with the same base language. Its useful as a trade language as everyone sitting around the table can read the same document at the same time without the need to pass the paper around or flip it.

      Now, is this the later Tartarian language referenced earlier? Yes, kinda. Magyar is the base of that language, but they were using a different common alphabet later in the empire. Coelbren had long been replaced with the advent of printing. What you’re seeing is an evolution in a single language, not necessarily different languages. Also, just a fun aside. The pretty “nordic pagan” tattoo symbols so in vogue these days are a multidirectional sigiled form of the coelbren/ogham on the right (book of Ballymote). Right in front of everyone’s faces, yet no one is literate enough to read them.



    • I don’t know and I don’t understand even though im trying to undersnd. It did feel odd to me, that Celts are rubbish made up civilition, I dont agree, Im throwing ides out. But I wish we had clear, true,truth, \id like thatI


      • I was commenting tongue-in-cheek and laughing. History is like a bungee cord, and it needs stretching to see at what point it breaks. Yes, some of us, much too few, are trying to understand. These anecdotes, or whatever they are, are useful for that. I saw a picture today of the Naples cathedral and I cannot even imagine how any Earthian technology, particularly at the time, could create such an intricate structure. It looks like images of fractals. Who had that kind of time and money to burn when that world was awash in religious and imperial wars all over Europe, or so we’re told???

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    • Mindblowing possibility I read I think they used to do this in our history they’ve lied about

      ”I think we had the ability to construct a building with wood and then use electricity to petrify the wood into stone. Instant veneer.”


      • Imagine what we would discover if we could break out of the brainwashing cartoon we are subjected to in church, school and by TV and learn to “back engineer” our history!

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    • Magnetic said:
      The elephant in the room that the bean counting mathematicians that have displaced scientists who are told if you can’t count it then it doesn’t exist is the aether, or zero-point energy. It’s a field and therefore cannot be mathematically described. It the aether field exists but it’s fundamental nature isn’t quantifiable. The whole particle physics scam is an insane cover for the aether. Gravitons, quarks, electrons are all a thin cover for the aether. Nature doesn’t have quintillions of particles bumping each other to give its effects.There are no particles like photons and instead electro-magnetic energy is a perturbation of the aether.
      Certain disturbances in the aether produce different results: light, heat, magnetic fields, dia-magnetic fields, etc. They can be summed over time to get a numerical vector but the field itself which gives rise to phenomena cannot be mathematically described. An analogy would be behaviorists who discount “thought” in humans because it cannot be mathematically and physically isolated so they ignore it. Now we have tentative proof that the energy perturbations in past eras released much more energy than at present. Why this is so is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

      Adam said:
      Hello, I find it sad and don’t want it to be true. That what began the downfall of the great tartaria all over the world was…..space and earth and atmospheric conditions got changed (whether naturally or as im leaning to think, changed due to advanced interdimensional technologies), and these magnificent buildings which are were themselves ether generating power plants…..simply stopped working. As an act of war, if the atmosphere got changed, then ok that’s a bit better for me. But very sad if it was some natural change and all this Tartarian infrastructure couldn’t work as well and this caused the decline. That suggests that the limitless zero point energy sub quantum etheric field, and the abundance and peace that Tartaria seemed to enjoy, ……….theres been less and less actual energy here to access. But for a few reasons I dontthink this could be the case

      – Because there are and have been electrogravitics and other exotic crafts flying around since the 19th century if not before. There seems to be a well developed secret space programme. Paul laViolette in one of his videos, explained how the Thomas Townsend Brown 1950s electrogravitics disc inventor who got silenced and classified, how the elextrogravitics work. And basically, he said 100MW could be drawn from a cubic foot of space. So for these crafts to still be working today shows theres plenty of untapped energy about.
      – Also, if the atmosphere had been energy reduced that caused tartarias fall where the grand buildings no longer worked. Then I don’t see the need, reason why buildings all over the world are missing things from their roofs, not just antennas but other strange items too. They could have just been left and dismissed as decorations. But instead a lot of effort has gone into removing these which we can see by comparing 10th century photos to now of buildings.

      – Also, 19th century photos of cities do look incredibly illuminated.
      – And as well, theres the very interesting possibility that buildings, skyscrapers today are themselves harvesting etheric zero point energy. But theyre not letting the public know. Which is used for the elites own uses or to even sell. I think this carries weight when thinking of all the effort going into such structures and the tops and antennaes look very suspicious. The Seattle high tower. Kuala Lumpur twin towers. The Shard in London. That strange looking one in Riyadh with large golden sphere. And the tall Burj one in Dubai. This suggests energy can still be harvested ok and that a more energy depleted atmosphere was not the reason for the fall of tartaria. Or perhaps a temporarily blocked depleted atmosphere via artificial means? But temporary effect only
      An interesting question therefore is, what would happen if all the cathedrals, buildings, so called churches, libraries and everything had their mercury tin amalgam balls and other things put back on the rooves, antennas reinstalled. And receiving poles erected around cities. Would these all become working operational, a free energy society again? Is an interesting question.

      Another question is about the pyramids. They seem to have been disabled from working though at Bosnia , some energy emanating out the apex is recorded. But I wonder what would happen if all the pyramids got reactivated again too? Would earths climate suddenly stabilise a lot more and cause greening of the deserts?

      One other side point is, ……..I have a feeling that its possible that the Giza pyramids and Sphinx, and Parthenon acropolis in Athens, could have looked brand new as recently as …..the early 1800s or late 1700s. Therefore the 19th century is now becoming a century holding many secrets and deserving much scrutiny, even though the coverup rewriting of history has been so much.



    • I know, I know. Hopefully this time is coming, is here.
      China is making its vegetables grow bigger, faster and stronger … using electricity Scientists hail breakthrough as results of the world’s largest experiment confirm fruit and vegetable output can soar without chemical pesticides and fertilisers

      The technique has boosted vegetable output by 20 to 30 per cent. Pesticide use has decreased 70 to 100 per cent. And fertiliser consumption has dropped more than 20 per cent The vegetables grow under bare copper wires, set about three metres (10 feet) above ground level and stretching end to end under the greenhouse roof. The wires are capable of generating rapid, positive charges as high as 50,000 volts, or more than 400 times the standard residential voltage in the US. The high frequency electricity kills bacteria and virus-transmitting diseases in the air or soil. It also suppresses the surface tension of water on leaves, accelerating vaporisation.Within the plants, the transport of naturally charged particles, such as bicarbonate and calcium ions, speed up and metabolic activities, like carbon dioxide absorption and photosynthesis, also increase. Professor Liu Binjiang, government agriculture scientist and a leading member of the project, said the electric current flowing through the wires is only a few millionths of an ampere by volume – lower than a smartphone cable’s workload.

      One hectare of electrified greenhouse requires about 15 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day, which is about half the power usage of an average American family. Inside the greenhouse the air smells like the aftermath of a summer thunderstorm. Humidity is low and the plants rarely get sick.

      The biggest burden is the installation cost, He said, with the necessary hardware costing tens of thousands of yuan. Without government support, the company could not have afforded to wire up all its greenhouses. His project team is taking a different approach and developing a compact, all-in-one vegetable growing chamber using electro culture technology. “Each family would be able to grow their own food in the kitchen, on the balcony or in the backyard,” he said. The chamber uses an artificial light source and electric field to stimulate plant growth and prevent diseases. Operation is automatic and almost care and maintenance free. “One day these tiny chambers may become an alternative to large scale farms,” Liu said. “That would trigger another agricultural revolution



    • However it does seem inescapable our planet is in a lower energy state compared to the past. ut the previous higher energy state, must have lasted a long time. Because all those Tartarian structures everywhere, must have been built in response to stable predictable energy conditions to take advantage of. But again, it is known that free energy devices do exist in thois world, zero point ether gets drawn, and they do work and are suppressed. So again that’s pretty burning question I think – could all these magnificent structures still be requipped today ad still produce abundant energy? Tantalising 19th century photos from Russia, that show strange poles in cities with no wires and horizontal bars, suggests just 120 yrs ago this was still happening. Salik.biz – Проверяем человек ли Вы


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