3 comments on “Forbidden Archeology: Discoveries That Could Rewrite History! (24 min)

    • Can’t people see how they lowered our consciousness and stole our history. They replaced it with lies and convinced us our ancestors were monkeys and savages. We live in an insane world where our entire history has been stolen and replaced with absurd lies.
      Therefore this raises begs the question, what happened 200 years ago, who were they where did they come from? Theyre still here now and now im rejecting all sorts of official history, chronology, and what were told about the major religions. This is the British East India company and so called ancient Rome,a nd theres something very wrong somewhere Look at the Chicago world trade ”fair” before it was demolished. These evil invaders im beginning to think, created a false identity called ”Britishness” and the ”British Empie” , and what they couldn’t destroy they hid in plain sight and even moved into the magnificent buildings and look at Buckingham palace. Whats the real story there? St Pauls Cathedral? Because this Tartaria worldwide magnificent no money free energy civilisation existed so recently and was everywhere and has been so ruthlessly scrubbed and the ecidence of the Mudflood leads me to realise…..

      This infection, invasion, came from outside. Either extraterrestrial or an interdimensional invasion and because NASA is a Scottish Rite Freemason crap front organisation of lies, im beginning to realise that ”space” up ”there”, and the realisation that our consciousness leaves the body and goes travelling and unti 2013 was memory wiped between incarnations. NO LONGER MEMORY WIPING STOPPED IN 2013 ACC TO A VERY GOOD SOURCE.

      Im beginning to realise that, ”outer space” and the multidimensions are one and the same thing. Therefore im rethinking my concept of space and reality and even though im feeling my way forwards how I can, I know one thing: The Scottish Rite freemasons who set up NASA have LIED as have so many others.

      Therefore , who, what, has happened 200 years ago and isn’t IT FUNNY HOW SIMILAR CHICAGO LOOKS TO ST PETERSBURG!
      It is said that Vladimir Putin has recently released from Kremlin vaults photos and info on all this. And is why interest in Tartaria has suddenly come on in the last 6 months


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