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    • a Dutch guy who has clear memories about his arrival on earth (being born in an human vessel) and the Galactic World. This is an interesting piece about the Ana Shay Hi civilisation, who discovered the Source code of the Matrix and rebuilt a structure through the matrix, from frequencie of Source Creator


      I would like to share with you a piece of transcript from a talk by Martijn van Staveren, a Dutch guy who has clear memories about his arrival on earth (being born in an human vessel) and the Galactic World. This is an interesting piece about the Ana Shay Hi civilisation, who discovered the Source code of the Matrix and rebuilt a structure through the matrix, from frequencie of Source Creator….. an enviroment where Mankind can remember there own Inner Power.

      “The Ana Shay Hi civilization
      Transcript from a lecture told by Martijn van Staveren (www.martijnvanstaveren.nl)
      Artwork is from Asma Toet-Achkroune .
      The Errah Council really exists. It is not something that we are going to do and can do at this moment. They are the Higher Pleiadian consciousness beings. It is a consciousness that is very large and powerful, which is 100% humanoid and a human being of this Earth is involved. The Council of Errah is an important group of humanoid beings who have done an incredible amount of work and are still watching what is happening here on Earth. And it seems good to me to look at each other in ourselves, not outside. We stay with ourselves, that is the challenge, because we will be faced with many trials in ourselves. With the attention in ourselves looking at what is behind this energy in ourselves, behind the sound of the board of Pleiadian Beings. And they are just normal people, people like you and me and we are connected with that. That is not the Galactic Federation. They also do not channel, they do not pass messages through channelings. If there are messages, they will just bring it themselves.

      This civilization as it shows here is the civilization of the Ana Shay Hi, and that is a civilization that is part of the Masterraces of El ra’a and the El ra’a civilization is a human civilization, just humanoid, but comes from the Original World, I call that the cosmos.
      The cosmos is the living hologram and universes are parts of the cosmos. So the cosmos where the Ana Shay Hi comes from, that is a Original World, which is 100% organic, vibrates thus, resonates, shapes, expresses what is in this case experienced by the Ana Shay Hi from within as God’s Beings . They speak the language within themselves of the creation of Creation. What is created inside becomes visible outside. They are Masterraces – I actually want to take it straight away and at the same time it is also wholly correct – because we think of a Master as something that is exalted, but a Master is actually a Self-creator. That is why we are all Masters and our Mastership is going to be taken back again.

      They are a civilization and that is the only civilization that has accomplished this, they are the only civilization from the master-creating self-creating races that have fully, fully understood the entire universal consciousness of the Earth as it is currently occurring. , including all manipulations, including everything that should remain hidden. They are the only civilization that has been able to fully map out all the outcomes of all possible outcomes based on 7 billion people who pass 4 billion scenarios of choices every nanosecond. So they have retrieved the code from the manipulation.
      The Ana Shay Hi is a very beautiful breed and has seen that whole code as they have understood it, recreated it, I would almost say, but it is not, they have created again. They have completely recreated the entire software program of creation, with the vision of the Creator in it, the vision of Connectedness.

      So the language of what we see in the Avatar film, how everything lives and functions with each other, that is the strength of that. And what they have done is that whole field, they have put the whole field through the hologram – what we now experience as this reality – synchronized, over each other, through each other. And the reactions from that field, that’s the field I’ve ever talked about. The Creation field which reacts at the moment that there are beings living in that hologram of the manipulation and the determined outcome system, that the field of the Ana Shay Hi that reacts, that is actually a creation field that will respond to the perception change, the the way in which a being looks and thereby recognizes the Power in itself, so taking the trouble to really sit under a tree and not keep it hidden, this knowledge in itself, thus recognizing itself. So it is not only within yourself, as a human being here on Earth that you know that you carry that Power in you, but that you also recognize your way in this hologram that you are there. I’M HERE! I recognize this Power in myself. You are here too, that is why we are all here.

      The awakening, what we call awakening, has to do with that. Something happens in your life that changes everything. Your attention goes to something else. The field is going to speak to you. But never forget that that originated because you started speaking because it started to look differently. And that interaction is so awful big, it’s even the flight path. So it is a vibratory field, it is pure energy. It is information, pure energy, that the other civilizations that visit the Earth also fly within with their consciousness through that field. That is a very large energetic construction field. And that is what I see standing behind Asma, represented in a beautiful creature in an Artwork with all glyphs and symbols that are represented here. It is here in a certain way. Everything is vibration! We try to understand what we see with an image, but while you look at it, just as you listen to music, this information field is present here because you have seen it.

      And so we all carry this information field in us. And so if we look at this earth, now where we live and where we see how many things can be polished – polishing that sounds very different than having to solve the problems, because if you have to solve problems, then he is on your shoulder – because changing the Earth with each other (Martijn rubs in his hands) phoe, job! No, we’re going to polish it, first in ourselves, to make our own light visible inside. Returning how far away we were from our own Light through all kinds of false lights – false, other ideologies, back to ourselves. We brush our own Light on this (heart), we make it visible in ourselves and then we look with our attention to the world that takes place in this and we focus our attention on those themes within ourselves we focus on the themes in the world and thus we go through the Field of Creation where the Ana Shay Hi have worked very hard, not in the way we know it – it is a very different concept of thinking – it simply falls outside the capacity of man now who we are, but in that Field we work and that is just the God Field, the Creation Field. And are currently being visited, actually for a long time, because this field has been around for a long time, we are visited by all civilizations via that route. To Asma: “I think it is very beautiful, very special!” (Refers to the painting).

      The Ana Shay Hi is an enormous civilization, very large and also have real technology, not as we know it externally, but they have technology that is created from within and that is so immense, if you see their spaceships as we call them … …………… It is big, it is huge! And they are not of a Galactic Federation, they do not channel, nothing, because the channelings run through the matrix of control and are turned into passive reactions of people. This message that I have received from them and in which I could communicate with my own power, I share this with you from openness, with the emphasis on your request not to believe that now everything is arranged because it is based on your decision that you go with. Let yourself be caught by the reflexes and the thoughts ………… outward or inward, that movement.

      The Ana Shay Hi is a frequency that is in the information field of the Sourcefield, said they came without seeing and leave their presence forever. That is what it means. This is called a meaning, but watch it, it is not a meaning here, they are the words. It is a profound resonance, that’s it. And the El Rah el civilizations are the civilizations that are not more fully evolved than others. We are also in the core just ourselves, because we can just be a being from that field who has made a journey in the Avatar to come here. So that can now be just that you get images or feelings or dreams about that. But also pay attention to the fact that the field of the Ana Shay Hi that our field is now joint, will also show things to you. It becomes visible, you are seen. You walk somewhere and someone passes by with a bag, pay attention to what’s on that bag. Pay attention, because the signals go ………… .. in a very special way it comes to you. The radio station that you just put on the wrong channel by wrongly and exactly there is a sentence that you think. What? That is it! So they are different fields that function in that, but the more powerful you dare to look at, the stronger the reaction from that field comes.”
      ~ Martijn van Staveren


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