One comment on “The neuroscience of creativity (and yes, right brain/left brain is mostly bullshit)

  1. Scientists, so stuck in the physical, can’t comprehend that the brain is only the processing mechanism of information from mind to the rest of the body. The mind is the creator, not the brain, and it really is of no consequence which “side” of the brain does the translating from mind to body. But then how can scientists who claim to be entirely empirical in their view, comprehend anything they can’t analyze? Say ‘mind’ and they’ll respond, ‘brain’ and completely miss the dichotomy. If they ever “get it” they’ll realize how an “operating system” was designed to run a mechanical machine called a computer. They would have the brain run the body without input from its operating system, the mind. If memory serves, before DOS, early computers worked mechanically. They were hardly better than advanced Texas Instrument calculators. Is that what they think an intelligent, sentient, self aware being is – a mechanical calculator, nothing more? Can a brain reason? Can a brain be moral? Can a brain imagine things, ideas, never before thought of? For that matter, can a brain think?


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