2 comments on “Could Consciousness Come Down to the Way Things Vibrate?

  1. Good one Lou, but I still think it’s consciousness that causes vibration, not the other way around. Maybe some day, before we annihilate ourselves on our Island of Dr. Moreau here, we’ll get it right and lo and behold, we won’t quite annihilate… In the graphic, they got the connection between “spirit” and “soul” typically confused again – but that’s one they’ll likely never get right. The soul is the #1 “enemy” of spirit. Soul is an implant and how Earthian sheeple remain enslaved and programmed to function a certain way regardless of how many times they tried to break out. Soul, but hey, the System, particularly organized Religion and particularly Catholicism, has done such an impeccable job of hiding the nefarious purpose of that ball and chain, of course people want to believe that not only do they have a soul, but it’s, like, the ultimate gift from God! Yeah, well, it is at that. And the record keeps turning and skipping, the same line repeating endlessly and the people think it’s wonderful that the music doesn’t stop…

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