3 comments on “The World of Elementals – Faeries of the Five Realms

    • Great interesting article ive sent snippets on far and wide and the link for it all.
      Leprechaun, elves, faeries aren’t necessarily good beings.
      Chaun- Cohen means Priest.

      Most beings eulogised aren’t might not be as nice as made out to be. @1hr40mins

      Interesting – memory wipes, walk ins, synths


      He refers to the walk in phenomena that seems to be increasing, as increasing numbers of possessions. Linking it into weakened psi fields.
      It occurred to me again Winnie, the ”elites” funding being the ones behind, promoting, the medical cannabis rollout, surely is relevant here.
      Cannabis does confuse me. perhaps it is a beneficial plant for the human body. But just not in this Veiled quarantined world where were under attack?

      Alcohol and all psychoactive drugs he reports how the psi field gets weakened. Entity Attack.

      I don’t like his pro immigration position. But I just have a listen through for a few interesting nuggets. In the last 20 mins he discusses the Vatican, how it goes down 10 levels underground, and in the next few months a lot of scrutinys coming for it. The gargroyles and 40ft statues in the Vatican as demonic channels gets discussed.
      Apparently, theres only 1 or 2 covens now left in the world. Hes checking for the next show if all the covens are no more. There used to be 13 Covens.

      from about 1 hr 5 mins where hes talking about the nurses, drs, social workers, charities, courts, police, etc, involved in the network of organised child killing. He says how theres a £20,000 reward in England to every one of them that manages to get a child taken away from their parents.

      His Manna Trust etc might well be nonsense. But surely this is indicative that TW means well and is acting for good. In very different style, and whilst on the surface it seems nothing like Augies work. Theres very similar info being presented on quite a few topics I have to say.
      I hr 17mins 30. We are not the top off the food chain.
      Off world entities see us as food.
      Think carefully when we use the word Harvest.
      Law of One, that’s what its about, Harvesting humans. I never trusted that Ra Law of One stuff,
      Hes pro Wall. This is why it must get built he says. To stop the Bush etc mercenaries destroying America and the innocent. I agree.
      1hr 30 hes talking about how cancer is an astral realm disease. The power of saying visualising negative things becoming self fulfilling. Exercising free will.

      I have to say I do have powerful positive powers of imagination in this regard.
      Free will has no defined boundaries. Can lead to problems if people aren’t aware of its powers. This is why he doesn’t channel anymore
      Manifesting abilities have become much more now over the last 18-24 months 1hr 40 White magic being discussed. AL and EL and their derivative of ”god”
      Channelling. You open a channel. and invite another entity in. This is interesti ng
      again 1 hr 17mins 30
      He says how most famous Stars participate in this, cannibalism, the ”kool aid”, where the childs hormonal essences are drawn off from the spinal cord at the height of trauma, for anti aging elixirs
      He mentions how many stars don’t appear to age.

      Susan Sarandon flashed into my mind. Have you see how well shes looking.

      I cannot believe dustin Hoffmann, or emma Thompson, are involved in this. Ill be upset and disappointed.


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