5 comments on “Amazon patent admits it will listen in real-time for “trigger words” that could get you arrested and imprisoned

    • I never, that’s never, order anything to be delivered sight unseen. If “they” don’t stock it so I can have it opened and I can test it in the store, I don’t buy it, unless they are the ones taking a chance by bringing it in so I can have a look at it. It’s my money, not theirs, not until I’m completely satisfied that what I bought is as advertised and does what I was told it would do. Come to think of it, two expensive items from yesterday are going back to the store this very day! Unsatisfactory upon usage – did not perform as advertised. Not my problem. Impulse buying: the #1 consumer curse. The #2 is hoarding. If people shopped the way I do Amazon would have never gotten off the ground. Now it’s a massive slave pool run by the world’s #1 sociopath: Jeff Bezos. Way to go sheeple. If Satan himself showed up and ran for world dictator today he’d get at least as much support as Donald Trump and would legally take office.

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  1. I don’t even own a cellphone. I have never purchased one single item from Amazon and I will not. I would never buy a ‘personal assistant’ as in Alexa. And then people have the nerve to wonder why ‘Alexa’ was laughing at them. I don’t wonder. That spying device was probably laughing at how easy it is to get people to assist in their own destruction. Market something as a ‘personal assistant’, have people feel as though they are important because they have a virtual ‘personal assistant’ and they will continue to fall for the bullshit and never know what hit them when AI takes over every aspect of their lives simply because they have been made to believe that without it, they cannot exist. More’s the damn pity!

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