One comment on “The Fake MATRIX Illusion We Are Trapped In

  1. Quote: ““Kal Niranjan has a vast empire under his control–far vaster than we can imagine — and wants as few Souls as possible to escape from his influence to the spiritual safety of the Higher Regions. That said, it should be realized that, despite all the attempts to restrain them, a trickle of Souls is continuously escaping to the spiritual safety through the efforts of Perfect Living Masters”

    We call “Kal Niranjan” the Time Lords, but they’re the same thing. As to souls escaping, that is not possible because “souls” are control implants that belong to KN or to the YL’s: they are tracked constantly. Only the soulless can escape and that is why so few manage it. First things first: the implant has to be neutralized, shut down or removed. Remember the tracker bug the Matrix agents had placed in Neo. No one will let you in a non-Matrix environment if you possess an active soul.

    As to the question above, yes, the prison environment does extend throughout the entire universe.

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