2 comments on “Chinese military attache to Moscow: Russia, China should stand together to protect world against American aggression

    • Well I beg to differ because I read somewhere that the F35s cannot even get off the ground and given the amount that was paid for them, the least they could do is get off the ground and America cannot even win a war against some camel herders in Afghanistan. America has been losing in Afghanistan for well over a decade. ISIS was even making headway in Iraq for quite some time and Russia stepped in over America’s role in Syria. So, do not promote the idea the the U.S. is unbeatable because it is my belief that that is just not true!

      The U.S. has just downgraded its requirements to enter the U. S. military stating that drug addicts, self-mutilators, drunks and anybody that’s not in a wheelchair is acceptable since our troops are eyeball deep in mental diagnoses and also due to the fact that recruitment is down. People are waking up to the fact that they are fighting for not a goddamn thing that’s got anything to do with freedom, justice or humanitarianism.

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