2 comments on “Rome: A Eulogy

  1. Not sure I got half of that but I felt it deserved a “Like” for effort. Fortunately I have an Italian blogger friend and she shared some of that already, from the current viewpoint, with pictures of piles of garbage and graffiti. Garbage and Graffiti: maybe these are the measure of capitalistic Christianity’s collapse and if ruins are a sign of once greatness, we need more ruins.


    • For a long time, I dismissed all the David icke reptilian stuff, and not just icke, others too, Reptilian stuff, Even though Reptilian gargoyles guard the City of London entrances and bridges. Etc etc. But then when I saw this, I realised ”reptiians” means underworld lower dimensional interdimensional beings that need human bodies or manufactured cloned avatars here to inhabit because they cant survive in this dimension otherwise. Shapeshifting I dismissed too, now I’m thinking theres real interdimensional physics phenomena to it. As Silke F and Aug Tellez explain,
      But whats really helped me realise theres something to this reptilian stuff. Is what the Vatican have spent on their main hall, to make it look like.
      Inside the Pope’s Reptilian Audience Hall in Vatican City

      5 dark things about the Pope’s Audience Hall #illuminati

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