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  1. Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), a vegetarian (apparently not yet vegan!), the only Hare Krishna devotee in Congress, sworn in on the Bhagavad-gita rather than the Bible or the Koran, commented on the Huffington Post in 2013:

    “War is hell. But, as a soldier and combat veteran, I know it is sometimes necessary.”

    Abortion and war are the collective karma for killing animals. The peace and pro-life movements will never succeed until the slaughterhouses are shut down. Through killing animals, peace and pro-life activists are only thwarting their own respective causes.

    “The vegetarian movement,” wrote Count Leo Tolstoy, “ought to fill with gladness the souls of all those who have at their heart the realization of God’s Kingdom on earth.”

    “Share a right to life

    “Save from the butcher’s knife
    “Save from the experiments

    “Don’t be part of it
    “Don’t be part of the killing

    “Save from the furriers’ trap
    “Save from extinction

    “As long as there are the slaughterhouses
    “There will be battlefields

    “As long as animals die in testing
    “We won’t find humanity

    “Save from the factory farms
    “Save from the cruelty…”

    –Howard Jones, “Don’t Be Part of It” (1991), from PETA’s Tame Yourself album

    Dudley Giehl writes in his 1979 book, Vegetarianism: A Way of Life:

    “Competition for food has inevitably led to conflict and this struggle for survival has been a significant factor in the history of organized warfare.

    “In this respect, meat-eating may be regarded as either the underlying cause of armed conflict or at least one of several factors contributing to the exacerbation of a pre-existing problem.

    “The reason why meat, in particular, has created such problems is that the practice of raising livestock requires a much greater use of resources. The basic problem is simply that people are forced to compete with animals for food–a most precarious situation when food is in short supply.”

    Vegan author John Robbins provides these points and facts in his Pulitzer Prize nominated Diet for a New America (1987):

    One-third of all raw materials in the U.S. are consumed by the livestock industry and it takes thrice as much fossil fuel energy to produce meat than it does to produce plant foods.

    A report on the energy crisis in Scientific American warned:

    “The trends in meat consumption and energy consumption are on a collision course.”

    “All Things Are Connected,” the concluding chapter to John Robbins’ Pulitzer Prize nominated Diet for a New America (1987), begins with a quote from (reincarnationist) Christian mystic Edgar Cayce:

    “Destiny, or karma, depends upon what the soul has done about what it has become aware of.”

    In the late ’80s, John Robbins predicted that the next war would be fought in the Middle East, and that it would be fought over oil. And sure enough, the Persian Gulf War of 1991 took place shortly thereafter.

    I took part in antiwar protests against the Persian Gulf War. Even in conservative San Diego, in Jan 1991, tens of thousands poured into the streets to protest on the eve of the allied response to Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait.

    Demonstrators were chanting, “Support our troops. Bring them home!”

    (According to the Vedic or Hindu literatures of ancient India, we’re now 5,100 years into the Age of Kali, and instead of chanting the names of God, people now chant secular political slogans!)

    I commented online while working as a temp at Mitchell Publishing (using the invasion of privacy of my place of residence and work as a political soapbox!) that while I supported our troops, I didn’t support the shortsighted policies which put them there!

    In 1990-91, the American Left was calling for sanctions on Iraq, as a nonviolent strategy, to pressure Saddam Hussein to withdraw from Kuwait and change his policies. Ironically, by the late ’90s, the American Left was pointing out that sanctions were proving ineffective against Saddam Hussein.

    In an article entitled “Scenes from a Holocaust,” David Maciewski wrote in the August 1997 issue of Harmony: Voices for a Just Future, a “consistent-ethic” periodical on the religious left, that economic sanctions were only hurting the Iraqi people.

    No American troops were killed in combat during the Carter Administration, but even Gandhi, an icon on the religious left, admitted there are times when nonviolent strategies will prove ineffective, having said, “You cannot fast against a tyrant.”

    The Bhagavad-gita (Hinduism’s main scripture) was spoken on a battlefield, and the Gita itself is contained in the Mahabharata, ancient India’s epic poem of heroism, tragedy, and divine intervention, in which it is clearly indicated that war is fought only as a last resort, when all attempts at peace have failed. According to the Mahabharata, Lord Krishna Himself went to the opposing party, the Kauravas, to propose a peace plan!

    Colleen Hanabusa (D-Hawaii) similarly said in 2013:

    “I agree with the President that a diplomatic solution is the only answer in Syria. I believe we need to seriously consider the plan proposed by Secretary of State John Kerry in London yesterday.

    “The American people are tired of war. We cannot allow ourselves to be drawn into another foreign conflict because we failed to carefully consider the alternatives.”

    The Indian masses revered Mohandas Gandhi, honoring him in Sanskrit as a “mahatma,” or “great soul,” for having liberated India politically from British colonialism. But actually, whether one nation is subjugated by another is a temporary material or political situation, and it has nothing to do with the soul and its eternal relationship with God, Vs the temporary nature of the flesh and the material world.

    (Before the British, for example, India was under Muslim domination. The Muslims ruled an empire which stretched from Spain all the way to Indonesia, but is now largely forgotten!)

    According to Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita 9.13-14; 10.9), the term “mahatma” refers to those who are not entangled in mundane politics or worldly affairs, but to those who have dedicated or devoted their lives to Him (“Always chanting My glories…The thoughts of My pure devotees dwell in Me, their lives are fully devoted to My service, and they derive great satisfaction and bliss from always enlightening one another and conversing about Me.”)

    A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada similarly commented, “The mahatma cannot be manufactured by rubber-stamping an ordinary man… a mahatma is always engaged in chanting the glories of the Supreme Lord… He has no other business… When the question of glorification is there, one has to glorify the Supreme Lord, praising His holy name, His eternal form, His transcendental qualities and His uncommon pastimes…”

    And because abortion and war are the collective karma for killing animals no sincere devotee of Krishna, initiated (ordained) nor serving in the laity can take a stand against abortion and/or war without simultaneously taking a stand against the killing of animals.

    Shortsighted policies:

    It takes nearly one gallon of fossil fuel and 2,500 gallons of water to produce just one pound of conventionally fed beef. (Mother Jones)

    In their 2007 book, Please Don’t Eat the Animals, mother and daughter Jennifer Horsman and Jaime Flowers write:

    “Half of all fresh water worldwide is used for thirsty livestock. Producing eight ounces of beef requires an unimaginable 25,000 liters of water, or the water necessary for one pound of steak equals the water consumption of the average household for a year.

    “The Worldwatch Institute estimates one pound of steak from a steer raised in a feedlot costs: five pounds of grain, a whopping 2,500 gallons of water, the energy equivalent of a gallon of gasoline, and about 34 pounds of topsoil.

    “Thirty-three percent of our nation’s raw materials and fossil fuels go into livestock destined for slaughter. In a vegan economy, only two percent of our resources will go to the production of food.”

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

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