3 comments on “A “Mini Ice Age” Is Coming Soon Says Math Professor’s Solar Cycle Model That’s 97% Accurate

  1. For years I maintained that “climate change” has more to do with the great cycles than man’s activities, as stupid as those are. Here’s the real deal, for anyone with the brains to get it, and the heart to care: forget about climate change. Instead, change an inequitable, cannibalistic, predatory system. Interact with each other on a strictly compassionate basis, and come hell or high water, you, as an individual, will be empowered to understand your physical and mental relationship to that of your world. In this place, you will know how to “respond” in assurance and in joy. Self empowerment is never afraid of change and never causes harm. It is the way of the future, if mankind is to have a future, that is.

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  2. Thanks for posting this article, Lou. I sure wish the IPCC scientists would explain to the public how they’re incorporating the Grand Solar Minimum into their modeling. I can’t figure for the life of me why they’re not.

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    • Like everything else that matters: If it matters we are not told the truth or the whole story, (until someone makes money out of it.)


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