3 comments on “We are being manipulated and destroyed

  1. Can you give a link to where you read that it will cost bloggers on WordPress a monthly fee to blog? i know that customization and being ad free has an yearly cost. Private hosting costs much more.

    Regarding Youtube, for the last 2 years, I’ve found it to be an inconvenience. I hesitate embedding a Youtube video unless it’s on a news channel. Youtube’s deletion of videos or suspension of channels has left some of my blog posts looking bad with embeds that say the video is no longer available.

    Happy Holidays to you.

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      • WordPress has lots of options now that they didn’t have in 2012 when I opened my blog. Then, the only option was paying $18.00 a year for a domain name that would remove “wordpress.com” from your blog’s address. They began offering options to not have ads on your blog, and there was a fee for that. Now, they have switched to “plans”. None of the plans require purchase and in my opinion, WordPress is still the best blog hosting company and provides a connection with their bloggers.


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