2 comments on “Proof that the Human Species Has Been Genetically Engineered by Anunnaki Aliens

  1. A very sad story indeed, which I’m only too familiar with. What’s the saddest is that most of these slaves do not want to know how they got here or why they are in the situation they are in. The article, however, is too cold. It fails to mention the many times after the Anu intervention Earthians were approached and given new tools whereby they could coexist peacefully and compassionately with one another. Just because they “chose” (it’s the programming, dahlin’!) not to listen doesn’t take anything away from the effort, myself having been involved in this effort in past lives, and doing so again this time. Know this: we won’t give up. The day will come when you will listen, I’ve seen it. (Hey, talk about Chutzpah, huh? – well guess what, it was never a cake walk and it does not get any easier. You’re a nasty bunch to try and teach non-violence to.)


  2. I love just the smidgen of racism in the article..”The reference to their color implies the Anuna were not black (otherwise, why call out the color?).”

    Here’s also a genetic truth: black is the most dominate and diverse gene. Not only did these black aliens mate with their creation once…they did it once again aftet they flooded the place. That’s why black is the most prevalent race on the planet still. After the flood there was Noah…he was an Albino. He scared the shit out of his dad Lamech because he had blue eyes like the nephelim.

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