7 comments on “Men in Power Abusing Women – What a Surprise!

  1. Good article. Quote: “Sometimes it is hard to think of things that will hurt them badly enough to keep them happy.” I can think of one that would make them permanently ecstatic… Our farm animals were familiar with that procedure…

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  2. Hi Shatara. This mans going to be arrested very soon and questioned for coconspirators very soon about not only crimes against humanity but also crimes and cannibalisim against children and babies and practicing black magic and channeling demonic entities into this realm. And his smarmy smirk is going to be wiped right off his face. its coming. Joe Biden and John McCain too.


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      • Indeed it is Lou, and then today I see below Molly at starship earth describe some strange things. Also theres this , and It might be the sun isn’t a spherical object http://strangesounds.org/2017/11/what-is-going-on-in-our-skies-group-light-sky-vertical-rays-sun.html

        And maybe earth isn’t totally flat, but it certainly is misshapen in that case. My best guess because the 6 mile horizon curvature is a lie therefore earths dimensions they’ve taught of diameter, circumference, and internal volume. Its not the spinning sphere in school classrooms. Our known earth seems flat which is why the 120 mile suez canal has no locks.

        Because the physics we are all taught is lies, and gravity seems to be density, where a good photo somewhere shows this, a beaker of different liquids one on top of the other, a heavy bolt at the bottom, a ping pong ball on the top, then water, blood, crude oil, various other things, all having a different density. Gravity might be a lie. What I’m driving at is, I don’t know whether its even possible spherical planets exist. And water can cling to the sides. They might all be dimensional planes. Mars too. And Jupiter.

        But lets say I’m wrong I could well be. And in the universe, spherical planets are the norm and if they have water, that water can cling to a spinning sphere.
        In earths case, I think it was as SHatara says a remnant of blown up Tiamat, and some advanced race took a big chunk of it, made it habitable with a terrarium dome on the top, and made an ice wall perimeter . I don’t know if it was evil beings that did this or this was done benevolently.
        But it does seem somewhere down the line, a multidimensional quarantine soul recycling set up was put in place and we cant leave, and this seems to be comi ng to an end now, reunited with our galactic and spiritual brethren. Is my best stab at the truth Lou FWIW.


        No doubt there are multiple reasons why they are hammering us with chemtrails these days when we expected it to let up, but when you see the video below, you will understand at least one of those reasons. It’s plain as day.
        This first one is the best video I’ve seen that shows multiple spheres in the sky—and a cute little one moving in and out of the clouds of its own volition.

        And then check out the spectacle caught in Sweden from Mr. MBB. We may not live on a flat Earth, but it’s looking like there could be a dome up there over our little Terra-rium, as crazy as that sounds. Those reflections have to come from somewhere.
        And finally, a few years ago I shared a video which has now been deleted along with a ‘Tuber’s channel that showed a “wave” moving across the moon. We’ve heard about the “firmament” and people are sending up rockets which are suddenly halted and they say there’s a barrier up there.

        We have also heard recently that the sun was a projection, and now that the moon may be as well—onto the firmament—which may be water? I know. It’s wild but truth is stranger than fiction. Secureteam has shared the deleted video of the “lunar wave” again.

        ht tp://ww w.starshipearththebigpicture.com/2017/12/04/so-thats-why-theyre-spraying-our-skies-the-video-weve-been-waiting-for-other-anomalies-videosvideo/

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      • Max and Sarah in England continues with Max giving a highly detailed and analytical insight into the Committee of 300 and the ruling elite, with the Seen and Unseen controlling families and ETs that run Earth
        Earth is a prison planet, and we cannot leave (Physically). These detailed issues and more are covered, and expanded on in part 4, where the kinds of deals for fame and publicity in the music industry often result in the souk sacrifice of a singer’s child, BEFORE birth. this highlights the fully satanic alien nature of the music and entertainment industries. So the level of child abuse cover up at the BBC should be of no surprise
        Bases 37 Part 2 Max Spiers in England

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