12 comments on “USA: 1,495th Mass shooting of 2017 (Texas church)

  1. Is it time yet, I be wond’rin, to allow myself sorrow for an imploding society so close to home, rather than the raw anger it has fed my heart since the Vietnam war era? It’s hard to allow myself to feel anything but resentment considering the ignorant cultural arrogance US society still displays to the world at large. Genuine sorry? Not today, sorry.

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    • Yes but ive no doubt there are many good decent, kind, people in America doing their best, raising their families, falling in love and just wanting a decent life despite all the odds of the Soros Worldwide Cultural Marxist agenda going on to make life difficult.
      My point being, the psychopaths in Washington, and in London, and in the Vatican, and in Tel Aviv, who are at the helm and the cultural arrogance of America surely is the hard military reach and soft cultural all planned Tavistock orchestrated agenda.
      My point , that I’m sure many good Americans wish no ill will on anyone, don’t want to be involved in foreign wars, want no part in how ‘America’ , the Jesuits and other psychopaths directing things, are doing things in Americans name.

      Its like here in England, the Satanist Establishment elites certainly don’t represent me or are acting for me, yet they do incredible evil.

      So I do feel sorrow for Americans , I feel sorrow for all of us and want this predatory worldwide black magic cult brought down, which I think is underway , I think the battle is being won despite external sad appearances

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    • Hi, this is mindbending stuff, I’m trying to get my head around Shatara. And then I remembered you’ve actually got memories living on Tiamat. Why you haven’t been subjected to the same memory wiping between incarnations as I and most others have, I don’t know. I’m now amazed that Tiamat, was actually another planet in the 5D universe. SO there are different dimensions of this universe, where different planets exist even though theyre the same planet. Which means the asteroid belt, there are 2 versions of it, a 3D and a 5D one.

      Its pretty mindblowing Shatara to think, perhaps our deep state governments ‘Secret Space Programmes’ galactic fleets, can travel to this 5D universe. I think I’m rethinking my whole understanding of the universe and dimensions even though its hard.
      So I’m assuming you were a whale in the sea in 3d Tiamat?
      I’m wondering if land existed on Tiamat too, and there were humanoids, and villages and towns and even cities , perhaps advanced civilisations.

      I’m hoping to go for a QHHT session this month, that might give me insights like you have. Maybe I was on Tiamat too? Any interesting nuggets of my past lives or things my Higher Self will say, I will let you know on your blog.
      Tara and Tiamat aspects were companions in a Binary Star system in the higher dimensions. Binary Star Systems are common for ascending planets with advanced races. Tiamats explosion and destruction in the 5D universe, along with the planetary cataclysm of Tara, is the reason our planet earth descended and has an artificial satellite which is the Moon.

      The 5D Earth Planet Tara was a sister planet to another 5D planet known as Tiamat of which her bodily remnants are located in the 5D Universe as the asteroid belt that is between the planet bodies known as Mars and Jupiter. The planet Maldek is the counterpart of the bodily remnants of Tiamat in the 3D Universe of which the asteroid belt exists between Mars and Jupiter. This means that the asteroid belt we see in the 3D Universe is Maldek’s exploded planet, and the asteroid belt in the 5D Universe is Tiamat’s exploded planetary body

      ht tp://ascensi onglossary.com/index.php/Tara



      • Good questions. I’ve bookmarked the Tiamat link for further study when time allows. To answer your Tiamat memory question: I was what Earthians subsequently dubbed a mermaid, part of the mer people, part of a large evolving humanoid population in this solar system (though I would not have been aware of that at the time — we would be known as a very primitive form of humanity. We were aware of other land-living humans on our world and sometimes we even saw each other but never communicated. The land people had no use for the sea (there was no killing in Lucifer’s spheres of creation and influence, so no fishing or hunting) and we had little use for the land. Mer “maids” used the land only to give birth, so our children were born on land, presumably that was intended to prepare us to evolve into land beings should it become necessary? Basically we were already amphibians but we did not like, or trust, the land. The sea was our real home and although we had families and tribal groups, many of us were loners and wanderers, following great whales and others with whom we could communicate at the time. Your linked article on Tiamat (the other link to Tara does not work) validates much of what I’ve been taught to remember about the female principle and the introduction of misogyny in this system. When we look at the extremely serious problem of misogyny on earth we are not looking at a local phenomenon, but a universal one due to the conquest of this universe by those we call the Time Lords from whom comes the endless wars, the psychopathy that rules entire systems and of course racism and misogyny. When we enter into the conflict it is good to be aware that we are not dealing with flesh and blood here but with… “spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” as written in the Christian New Testament. Now, as to any meaningful discussion on various dimensions, that is an area I understand very little about. I’m like a fish in water, so to speak; I can cross them, enter and leave without conscious awareness. I don’t need to “think” about it so, can’t comment on that. Sometimes, I just “know stuff” or just remember, mostly haphazardly. As of this moment though, I “know” that the key to our return to sanity lies in the mind of every sentient being in the entire universe. I call it compassion. All of us have the potential to become avatars of compassion which is what the article refers to as the 10th Chakra. We just need to open it up by plunging into it with irrevocable determination. With this we will defeat our greatest enemies: the Time Lords, and just as Sauron’s works were destroyed when the “Ring” was destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom, so all the works of the Time Lords will be destroyed. Then and only then will we be able to see the extent of the horror unleashed and the destruction wreaked by the Time Lords’ minions upon this human universe. Remember “Ender’s Game.” The “war games” we play on earth either aid and abet, or weaken, inimical forces in the outer worlds though we cannot see it and remain, for the most part, blissfully unaware of realities outside of earth.

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    • This might not be your cup of tea. But i like him a lot im a big fan and this is a great scene and we need to laugh

      ” Paging Mr Herman. Mr Herman, you have a telephone call, at the front desk ”.


    • My thoughts to a friend about Tiamat, and Earth, and some real issues and anomalies about what schools and universities brainwash us to not question Earths measurements
      It might be that planets actually are spherical and Tiamat was, before it got destroyed in solar system wars in our past and is the Asteroid Belt now. And the chunk of it that’s now earth is a reshaped made habitable flat remnant done by some advanced civilisation in our history.
      Or. There is no such thing as spherical planets and when looking at Mars, Jupiter, Saturn thru a telescope, it is looking at literally another dimension.  But one thing can’t be escaped from, there is no earths curvature they’ve lied about the 6 mile horizon and curvature .
      10 minute video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJFbwtWN3y4

      With an Antarctic perimeter ice wall ring to contain the oceans. I could be wrong about this of course. But the 250 mile long Suez Canal with no locks is one issue. And ships appearing again once they go over the horizon in full view once a telescope is put on them, because it’s law of perspective working, not earths 6 mile curvature, is another.


      • Galileo is gonna be pissed at you… He almost burned to death proving the earth was a sphere and here you go, saying he was wrong. Yah, he’s gonna be pissed. Oh well, he was a heretic of sorts so he’s probably in hell. So if you’re really, I mean really good, you can go to heaven and never have to confront him on this issue. I wouldn’t! Beside I have it from reliable authority, hell isn’t half what it’s cracked up to be, and it’s entropic, destined to freeze over. 🙂


    • Hi these are my thoughts to your interesting comment
      ill have to look up what entropic means.
      On the 3D practical level here now though, the 6 mile curvature is a lie then go more deeply down this rabbit hole, you start to wonder and realise, the ”UN” earth we are told is what all is, our own eyes and thinking minds contradict and confront this.

      Either its a dimensional reality of planes like Tesla and Santos Bonacci are saying and NASA Babylonian high priests have deliberately conjured up the earth sphere lie because in reality everything, even going to Mars is hopping between dimensions or universes and not spherical planets.

      Or. Spherical planets really do exist in the uni verse and this is in lower 3D, and I’m happy and fine with that. However that leads me back to we are on a destroyed fragment remnant of Tiamat and an advanced race made this a habitable dome flat area, made an Antarctic ice perimeter to contain oceans. made a moon and sun the same size as each other to maintain this ecosystem.  And this is part of the electromagnetic crystal qua\ntum supercomputer multidimensional supercomputer quarantine we are in by the Annunaki meddlers.   Its very clear weve been lied to about our history and of our multidimensional immortal nature and that physical death in this life and aging linear time is an artificial construct by someone somewhere, Dark Time Lords maybe creating this quarantine.  How much truth is there in Star Wars I’m now wondering?


      • You do realize my comment was an attempt at sardonic humour? And no, sardines did not invent it, it was Sardon the Cretan. (I’m kidding!) I remember reading, probably in Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles, how the earth had a huge flat surface under the Pacific ocean but now that it’s covered in plastic garbage, will we ever know? 🙂


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