6 comments on “Another Record Breaking Year for Opium Production in U.S. Occupied Afghanistan

  1. Well, that the hypocritical fight against drug traffic, the resistance from our government to legalize ‘illegal drugs’ it’s clearly a facade to continue business as usual, and profiting at both ends for the supposed illegal traffic and an a pretext to keep all sort of dirty business going on to line the pockets of whoever are the masterminds and ultimate beneficiaries of all these shenanigans, the CIA a secret organization, the dirty arm from our government, on a supposed Democratic country the good old USA where we do everything for the people, and by the people, well I do not know how many of us believe that line anymore, when wherever our troops are engaged in war, the drug traffic seems to flourish with a vengeance!
    The Golden triangle, the Golden Crescent, my God what euphemisms they come up with!

    I mean you can go on Wikipedia and check: Allegations of CIA drug trafficking, so it’s not a all a secret, that we are run by these scoundrels in Washington it’s the real mystery to me!?

    And the terrible toll drugs, weapons, wars, and Genocide we do, yes, on the poor countries like Afghanistan, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Mexico, and Colombia, where these orquestated ‘War on drugs’ are taking place!
    And yes on our own people here in the always right, and always in the good side, our God fearing good old USA! 🙂

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    • The US empire is on its legs. The lies are catching up. People are finally hearing the truth and there is no putting the genie back into the bottle. Look at the opioid crisis currently decimating thousands all across the world. It is a direct consequence of the CIA involvement in drugs since…ever. The world has had enough.

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  2. One aspect of this story I find really puzzling is that most experts seem to agree now that the Taliban is controlling Afghanistan opium production now and using the profits to fund their military campaign. In my mind, this means the CIA must be making some kind of deal with them to get the opium out of Afghanistan and distribute it internationally.

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