One comment on “Vicious Ugly Face of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria

  1. My comment to BP at starship earth

    This is really disturbing. The Jewish Communist takeover of America plan seems to be going up a notch. The fate of the homeless is upsetting and those FEMA barges.
    One wonders if there could be metaphysical mass sacrifices at rituals going on here.
    Why now? Why now, in Sepember 2017, to be doing all these geoengineered storms, and all these sinister moves? Why not this time last year? Or why not earlier this year? Or in 2015? Whats special and significant to the Deep State about now?

    There could be some changes on the other dimensional planes, or developments to do with the Space Wars above.

    Thankyou for great writing which is not pleasant stuff to write about at all

    this comment from Tapestry on the situation

    Tapestry says:
    Video stops after about 19. Is there another version not on youtube? I managed to watch the rest eventually. Don’t go to the FEMA centres , he repeats over and over. You may well not be seen ever again if you do. It couldn’t be clearer. The Federal Government is genociding Texans in the chaos created by the weather events, using it as cover for the murdering of thousands of people. It’s what we’ve been hearing for many years that this is coming. Well. Now it’s actually here. The fightback is by ordinary people who have guns. The key to survival is to be armed, trained and part of a militia that works like an army. Go Texas. Florida and elsewhere. He describes the spraying with chemicals of flooded areas – things like Agent Orange. The depopulation agenda is going live

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