One comment on “We Are All Prisoners of the Police State’s Panopticon Village

  1. As the king remarked in “Searh for the Holy Grail” (I think that’s the movie) when his squire warns him that the peasants are revolting, “The peasants are always revolting.” But there’s the double entendre, eh? The loss of privacy and identity is all but totally lost on today’s brand of peasants. This article probably means something to less than 5% of the population (of Americanada at least). The numbnuts like the way things are. Therefore, being the majority of “Likes” on whatever social media they use, they win. Let them have it. Let them eat it, drink it, kill and be killed for it, go to jail for it, vote for it and pray for it. Since hardly any of them make the least effort to change anything at all (except for the worse if it happens to titillate their inflated egos, or lusts) then nothing is being forced on them, or imposed. It doesn’t matter how the sheeple arrive at their relatively comfortable sheepleness, what matters to the Oberver is that they are there, and they like it. If we are to give any credence to the concept of democracy, the numbnut sheeple voters win, hands down. Will that bring down the whole house of cards? Perhaps, unless the “invisible Number 1” finds a cheap way to get ride of all the unneeded, unnecessary, gobbling, polluting “revolting” peasantry, saving only enough in the metaphorica ark to keep the elitist estate clean of debris, golf courses groomed, and enough “man” power wherever to supply/provide for the needs, wants, lusts of said elites. Let’s keep in mind that if/when this comes about the elites, as did the Anunnaki, will then go for each others’ jugular. Then it ends. Even then, what is left of the peasantry sitll won’t “get it” and they’ll be fighting for their bosses, on this or that side, convinced that they are right.

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