6 comments on “US opens 1st permanent military base in Israel as tensions with Iran rise

    • Yes. But there’ll be much more to this ‘Base’ , than a simple military outpost, ‘sending a message’ in geopolitical military posturing.
      ‘Bases’, as I discovered on Max Spiers’ amazing youtube interviews. I really got the impression he was a gentle, well meaning, spiritually strong, vulnerable, intelligent person with some tremendous mindblowing things to say. The fact he was killed says a lot. I only started watching his interviews a year after he was killed in Poland.

      One example that blew my mind when he was talking with Miles Johnson in…Canterbury I think it was. And the old castle in the centre of town, analysing and discussing it. Back in the 10th century or whenever, things were much more complex than ‘historians’ today tell us. I was astounded to learn, that the castle was built precisely according to sacred geometry and took a very long time to build. And that various ‘design features’, wernt to repel arrows or cannonballs.
      They were to repel demons! It must have been quite a clear and present threat, if such effort went into the castles design. Could those have been more Multidimensional Interdimensional times?

      His girlfriend Sarah Adams is extremenly lovely plus multidimensionally aware and a truthseeker nd very insightful, I sometimes watch her youtubes.

      I’m wondering if times in the past 10th century, wernt just like in films. Artwork shows UFOs. I’m wondering if back then was a time when ‘the Veil between worlds’ was thinner. I think a lot of official BBC historian history isn’t to be trusted on many fronts.

      Ive digressed. This Israeli Base.
      A lot of unimaginable things go on in Bases. Theuy go very deep, and id not be surprised if a huge city existed underneath miles deep. Connected by high speed train links that take minutes to get to America or Japan or China or Australia. This is the hidden parallel world we live in.

      Bad things go on in these Bases beyond my ability to put in this comment. But Consciousness transference technology plays a big part. Elites from across the globe, I was astounded to learn. Don’t meet up in person. No.
      Instead they goto sleep in their beds and all meet up in Underground Bases, where the world doesn’t function like we know. There will be no local shop with friendly shopkeeper. No Indian restaurant. No morals and values of decency and righteousness holding society together. There will be no postman delivering mail to homes down there.

      Instead I imagine what goes on in these Bases is totally inverted from anything we know and is a sinister place. I wont go on but Aug Tellez has described some profound things I cant ignore about Underground Bases. Ive never watched it btw (I actually don’t watch too much Hollywood and TV series stuff that’s actually Disclosure, so I’m largely unaware and naïve but I can connect dots just reading what Tellez says)

      Ive never watched Westworld. But I know enough from Tellz’ descriptions, and a quick Wikipedia search. ‘Elites’ and many others, go into these virtual worlds and live out sinister basic extreme things. And ive read their brains, parts of their brains, neurological growth , get extremely distended, basic pleasure dopamine centres, logging into these ‘Westworld’ type things.

      Rather than normal people living balanced lives, being gratefulfor things, communing with God and nature, wanting to help others. And exerting their desires towards their husband or wife in a bond of love. Instead the elites brain neurophysiology and chemistry has been totally destroyed by this Westworld type depravity. Basically they are fu**ed.

      Its all awful and sinister but we need to be strong if we want to root out all this, and at least have the courage to talk about it and go there.

      So these are my thoughts about a US military base in Israel.
      Sorry for such a long comment,

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