4 comments on “Doomsayers watch countdown to Sept 23 ‘Planet X’ event rubbished by NASA

    • Gravity Update: Have the Scottish Rite Freemasons at NASA and Jesuits and their associated stooge so called physicists, lied to us in the 20th and 21st centuries?

      The 6 mile horizon curvature has been exposed too as an outright lie. I suggest serious questions need to be asked. About this state of affairs.
      And why once in the early 20th century the elites had sufficiceint technology to explore out to Antarctica (Admiral Byrd etc). As well as explore upwards as far as they were able to go before hitting Resistance where nothing can pass.
      The 1958 Antarctica Treaty where its extremely militarised, off limits , only the elites Annunaki bloodlines seem to know whats going on.
      I think they need to be taken to court and sued, for mass lies against humanity, deceptions.


    • Speculator, I regret deeply what I said last night, please email me back, these are crazy End Times and I was crazy with what I said, I am sorry so much. I just want us to be friends truthseeking colleagues that’s all. Sadness is in my heart which isn’t a good frequency to have in the heart chakra. Please reply

      The First Thing the Human mind has to grasp is that you are not ‘seeing’ things correctly. Esoteric Laws are the Laws that Govern the Creation, which is defined as ‘A Construct’. These Laws are the program parameters and are based on Energy and Energy Exchange. The Esoteric Law is ‘Those Below may not see Above, But those Above May see below.’ What this means is that there is a barrier of sight that is based on the laws of energy God created and this makes an Energy barrier.

      Everything has a ‘Spirit’ attached to it. A Spirit is a living being, which is ‘A Person’ whose ‘Atomic’ speed vibrates at a higher rate…. ‘Higher Frequency’, ‘Higher Wave Length’ ‘Out of Visible Light Spectrum’ are other terms commonly used to attempt to describe this same concept. The higher rates of speed put this being ‘Out of Phase’ with us and thus out of ‘Sight’ and out of ‘Touch’. The next thing the human mind has to grasp is that the Priesthoods, All of them lied not just about one thing but about ‘everything’.

      Then you have to follow the money to understand it is the Priesthood which Ultimately owns NASA which is why NASA doesn’t just lie about one thing, it lies about Everything. As a matter of Policy, as ordered by the Coven Priesthood. To keep their Lie they put on Hoaxes, such as the alleged ‘Government Shutdown’ or more recently. Israel closing their Embassy. All government corps world wide are owned by the same Coven Priesthood which issued all charters to the Nobility.

      It is the Vatican Corp. which granted to the Nobility, all Titles, Lands, Powers, Privileges and Rights. Both historically and today Under Canon Law 108. This made the Vat ‘The Umbrella Corporation’ and the ‘SIGIL’ for it is on the Papal Robes in plain sight. As per Coven Canon Law. Every other Coven, Priesthood or other incorporation is owned by the Vatican via the system of Shell Corporations it created beneath itself. Which allows it to give the appearance of separate ‘governments’ and separate ‘religions’. It is all one group and they have an older name.



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