7 comments on “Deplorable Ignorance and Indifference of Most Americans

  1. This would indeed be a pitiful state of affairs if true. I don’t trust Gallup and would have to see details of the survey methods before I believed it, but there is a lot of ignorance and indifference in people who still believe what their media tells them. I would have guessed it would be more like 28-38% who say that they’d support nuclear war. I guess I don’t spend much time talking with ignoramuses.

    I found a youtube channel over the weekend called Europa or something like that and watched a couple of their shows — one had a somewhat detailed section on the bombing of Dresden. Unfortunately, I don’t think schools teach these things anymore but if they did and showed the horrific details, I’m pretty sure there would be fewer Americans so willing to blindly support their “leadership” in this way.

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    • Yes I wouldn’t trust any pollsters at all. I think theyre just Tavistock instruments , to then put up ‘statistics’ on tv screens that the public just gobble up. So I think its useful to not enter despair about the state of America (or anywhere else). There might be a much more burning human spirit, and force for good, and innate intelligence, of more people there in America, than Gallup likes to present.
      Even though in Europe esp Germany and Sweden and Italy and france , the situations pretty dire with the Jewish koudenhove kalergi plan http://tapnewswire.com/2016/05/the-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-the-genocide-of-the-peoples-of-europe/

      Ive noticed not only MSM but supposed alt news like infowars and others. Seem to delight in reporting how African/muslim immigrants have raped and killed young Swedish women for example.
      My point being, I think its an intrinsic component of this strategy, to not only report and shove these things in our faces, but perhaps exaggerate and blow them out of proportion too. Manipulating Human Consciousness into a negative parallel universe timeline? Sliding Doors with Gwyenth Paltrow might have a lot of truth in it.

      On the subject of Dresden and WW2 where do we start? International Saturn worshipping Jewish elite satanic forces seemed to want to destroy Germany, the Germanic people. This is clear. And in the process Ordo ab Chao move forwards with various agendas.

      It was astounding for me to discover. That Eisenhower , who was jewish, after the war killed so many germans with his death camps. The figures likely to be near 3 million. There will have been lots of black magic kaballah stuff going on, having a field day sacrificing. Loading fear energy into the leylines, no doubt Eisenhowers camps were strategically built by leylines .
      ht tp://tapnewswire.com/2015/01/eisenhowers-hush-hush-death-camps/

      We will know real progress is being made when the truth about WW2 is openly spoken about and the HolocaustTM exposed.

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      • I really wasn’t aware of this Eisenhower stuff. Never heard it before to my recollection. And that Coudenhove-Kalergi thing was also new to me, I think. At least I didn’t recognize it as something I’d heard before. It’s excellent to get all of this stuff out in the open.

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    • Yes, these things are surprising and shocking but need to come out just like the paedocrime industrial scale organised child trafficking organ trafficking, Satanist worldwide operation needs to. This is the cleansing, end of the Kali Yuga, but if we understand that we can actually create the new future from our minds Which the elites don’t want us to know tihs fact. We can simultaneously assist in the cleansing and deconstruction kali yuga, and help simultaneously to construct the new satya yuga golden age. I believe this is possible, rather than having a nightmare future before things get better.

      I think that the satanic annunaki bloodlines here on earth have known their little ‘system’ was going to be deconstructed by a 26000 yr galactic central sun pulse, communicated directly to us plus via our sun. Hence the chemtrails. That’s causing a DNA evolutionary jump for every creature on this plane now. Therefore things like what Eisenhower and Churchill were REALLY upto cannot fail to seep out.

      Seeing as we do seem to have a Jewish problem on our hands and the only way to tackle it is talk about it. What are the implications for the decades long CIA psyop of ‘space aliens’, and UFOs etc etc? Just how far and how much is it a misleading disinfo psyop?

      I mention all this because Steven Spielbergs Jewish, and he made Close Encounters.
      I think there are big lies being told about Earth, Space, and these ENd Times whenever a powerful Jew is making blockbuster films. Much more could be said on this infinite topic in this Age of Deception

      ht tp://interdimensionalwarrior.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/evil-troublemakers-at-root-of-our.html

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    • Very interesting read thanks. Yes I agree. But then once we get the main points of that nailed, it will surely have pressing relevance to be linked in with NASA/Kubrick, and Yellow Rose For Texas. I pasted the wrong youtube before. Hopefully this is the right one. I know deep down inside the Sun moves around us and we are aren’t moving, and I think NASAs lies link deeply into the Annunaki story

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      • I haven’t watched the video, but the only thing I want to say now is that I think it’s interesting when you look at the word “planet,” you could possibly think of it as plane-ette. Just a thought.


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