3 comments on “Blood Money: UK firms make huge profits on arm sales to Saudi Arabia

  1. This is just horrible! But I don’t know how much benefit is received by the British “people.” It doesn’t seem that much different than the Israel/Palestine situation.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if situations backfired and the particular individuals who initiated the actions were the ones receiving what they intended for innocent people — sort of instant karma? I’m guessing the wars would stop pretty quickly.

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    • Yes indeed, it would be good if things worked like that. I read on the recent CCRG sep 23rd Jupiter discussion article. (I think). That karma is going to get quicker and quicker and in some cases be delivered instantly.
      Ive read elsewhere time is going to start flowing differently. I wonder if these two factors are related?

      Ive read, that up out on ‘Motherships’, some of which are as many thousands of miles wide, they might be spherical, they might be biospheres living systems, whilst looking like Star Trek cities, who knows.
      My point is, someone said, when he went up on one. Time flows very very differently. You can go in a room for 2 hours to chat to someone yet leave the room and its like you were away for 2 mns.

      I am English, and these Satanists selling arms and death and misery and grinding the poor down into death and despair. Certainly don’t speak for me or are acting in my interests or with my consent. I don’t even vote, I refuse to give my etheric energy participation and consent to the electoral system rubbish. Ive felt this way for 4 yrs plus now, ever since I realised they’ve suppressed Free Energy technologies from us,

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  2. I’ve heard those things about time too. It sounds kind of like dreams and may be a little disconcerting in an awake state for some.

    I feel the same way about the U.S. The leadership does not represent me in any way, which I discovered with certainty when I wrote several letters to so-called representatives during Obama’s first term and received responses that were completely unacceptable and unresponsive.

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