3 comments on “America’s PC Plague Is a Catastrophe

  1. Quote: “When a society is split, when politics are saturated with hatred, and the rule of law no longer exists, what will hold keep the whole thing from collapsing?” Hmmm… nothing! (I hope!!!) Between this PC-driven purge and “re-writing” of history, its endless wars, its shaky military-economic alliances, its trade deficits, its throw-back fifties style presidency, its exponentially growing educated ignorance, its 20+ trillions of $$$ of national debt, not to mention individual debt, its growing police state tactics along with deliberate attacks upon blacks and all minorities, its growing distrust and hatred between political and regional factions and a general downgrading of health care nationwide… gees, how can DT NOT make America great again? When I think of how powerfully, rapidly, slimely America seduced the rest of the world into its degenerate ways of consumerism, greed, hubris; promoting individual selfishness while simultaneously destroying the power of the individual to make intelligent choices about anything… the only words that come to mind are, “Die, Bitch!”

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    • There is an electric net around the planet, souls cannot escape. When this event begins the planet and the net will be pushed into an offset so the net is obviously open. When that happens, it will seem as if the sky has crushed or split open and the border between the physical world and the interdimensional or “Heaven” will be visible to all. When this happens, there is direction communication between every sentient organism on Earth and the upper layer of the Universe and the physical body and the soul will be divisible with the spiritual force and people will have the opportunity to actively move out of the fallen system.

      This will happen like a rush of light or energy as each sentient being on the planet that has a Spiritual Force in sync with the Spiritual Force is drawn upwards towards the opening which will be a kind of energetic-consciousness gateway that permeates space, time and consciousness that one navigates towards at the speed of thought and leaves this world behind instead of being pulled towards and devoured which is what happens in this universe.


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      • Like your comment, Adam. Although I would have a different way of explaining it, I can “see” what you are saying here. The problem, as always, is the fear factor: what will the sheeple do when “they see the heavens open and the Son of God… etc.” Son of God can mean any kind of positive, attractive energy, or force, but it will not force anyone to accept what is happening. The followers – the unawakened, spiritually dead, will refuse to see the evidence and plunge even deeper in their madness. So it has been prophesied, and so it will be. Free will remains – if it did not, the “opening” would be utterly pointless. Some years ago it was prophesied that the Sirians (from one of the Sirius worlds) would return to earth (they’ve been here before and some Earthian people remember) and would essentially put people in a trance, then take them in rehab mother ships until they woke up and became docile little Sirians… Needless to say, that project was nipped in the bud by many other galactic races, including the Pleiadians who have a much more benign, accepting and long term approach to weaning Earthians from their current madness. While I no longer follow the Pleiadian agenda, a choice I had to make, they remain a part of my positive awareness. Like Barbara Marciniak (and others) I’ve had personal interactions with the “P’s” and I like their energies. Short life span creatures like Earthians always want “instant results” when dealing with spirit and mental energies – if they only knew how little one Earthian lifetime counts in the overall scheme of things. If they only realized how many times they’ve already been here, and will be here until they – and no one else – decide enough is enough and individually choose to call it a day and move on. What you say will happen. It could happen soon if the free will individuals now happy to just fuck each other, and fuck each other up, would turn away from their lusts, greed, hedonism; their fear and fake love, and chose instead to look for those things that have eternal value. If only…

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