3 comments on “14 Cutting Edge Tech Firms Funded By The CIA

    • Yes I try and keep all technology in my life on a tight leash. Striking the balance in my favour hopefully, using them as valuable tools. But then being consciously aware to not let my consciousness become part of the laptop or iPhone. I am a separate, soverifn, conscious, natural organic human being whos spirit belongs out with the trees and at one with nature.

      So I always try and keep technology to a minimum, so I’m the master and its the servant. Luckily I have a reliable 20 yr old car that works well that has minimal electronics in, unlike todays.

      I read in an ourspirit.com article, they were discussing how forces of evil, Ahriman, are using technology in bad ways. Did I read somewhere, inside every iPhone is a mini negative vortex portal. Way out as that sounds, might have some substance.

      Hopefully the truth about physics and technology is going to be openly known soon, rumours are that Trumps going to release lots of suppressed patents lets hope. Evildoers can only use technology against us, if humankind are ignorant about psychotronic weaponry. Once someone knows these things exist, they begin to lose their power.

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