One comment on “The World’s Problem is still America

  1. Having clicked “like” I have to say this or I won’t be able to sleep tonight, even if in the jungle, the lion sleeps. Are you ready? The world’s problem is people. Take away the people, then… what problem? Anything else, it’s just labels arguing with, and fighting labels. And why are people THE problem of earth? Because they are programmed to be the problem. That problem serves a much greater agenda than most Earthians could ever conceive of. How do I know?
    “Elementary Watson: none of your solutions have ever worked; you can safely state that none will ever work. In fact, my dear doctor, all your solutions to date have only contributed to making the whole matter worse.”
    “Can I quote you on that, Holmes?”
    “My dear Watson, you’re so innocent. Why quote such self-evident tripe? Doesn’t everybody already know this, intuitively? Come, we have work to do.”

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