One comment on “Mysterious ‘Planet 9’ not victim of interstellar abduction, study finds

  1. I really feel something funny is going on. I feel that whatever the Daily Express, RT, the BBC and many others push in our faces. Has something wrong with it. I think theyre giving the public a version, that is misleading on the whole nature of events now. I don’t know what I’m trying to say. But maybe this will help
    What is the Unveiling?

    Please share the information regarding disclosure of the unacknowledged special access programs.
    ht tps://

    “The Unveiling” occurs when the population becomes aware enough to know the true nature of this reality.
    Yes, this reality because there are others outside of what we consider mainstream. Yes, this reality is, in a way (not so much as a metaphor), programmed in through mass media mind-control which utilizes the invisible organization of the unconscious mind to preemptively polarize and provoke emotional and cognitive reactions so as to generate the desires thought-forms which then play out in society over many years.

    There are many variables involved and this is a craft that has been forged over centuries to predict, manipulate, and guide the behavior of the masses.
    Humanity has been generalized into a multi-layered control system that automatically separates those who know and those who do not. Many will claim this is entirely selfish and corruption has infiltrated this society. Early on those who sought knowledge and those who sought power were visibly set apart but now things are cloaked and the game-players are each wearing masks and adorned with deceptive garments.

    The truth, the truth is so powerful, yet so dangerous that if one were to wield the truth without caring to protect others then this could be disastrous to themselves and those around them. The truth is protected, yet the truth also seeks to be known by inquiring minds as if the focused and open mind is a requirement to obtain a vision of what reality truly is..

    In short, this is a safe-guard. Reality hides itself, and the mind is organized in a way that leads to fumbling over the details, losing site of the beginning and forgetting where the destination is. This reality is designed in this way. Perspective offers a complete round-about of experience in a way that both overwrites and re-establishes the starting point.

    The human is a unique being. The one who can see reality for what it is has power beyond the other beings here. That power is the power to know the self and thus to change one’s course of action for the better to remain in harmony with the environment or one’s own mind and body.

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